It’s time to create the business of your dreams

We don’t live in a fairy tale world, especially when it comes to business…

But imagine what you could do with your own Fairy Godmother.

Michelle at Bazar, Istanbul Turkey

Michelle at the Grand

Bazaar Istanbul, Turkey

Have you ever wished you had someone to turn to – someone who understands business is about more than the money? Someone who gets your unique conscious business – and the clients you wish to attract – who could help you create exactly what you wanted. Someone with sound advice to help you create a fulfilling and profitable soulful business?

Meet Michelle Spalding — your Business Fairy Godmother.

An experienced soulful entrepreneur and conscious business veteran, Michelle understands what it takes to grow a successful business. But if you’re not finding joy and freedom while pursuing your business goals, is it success? Of course not. That’s why Michelle focuses on working with women who want it all – soulful entrepreneurs.

A globetrotting adventure seeker, Michelle is passionate about building businesses that support the soul.

Whether you’re new to business or established, you’ll learn soulful business ideas and strategies you need to succeed.

There has never been a better time to take control of your life, and Michelle can show you how with practical and effective advice. Increase your income, leverage low-cost technology, create personal freedom, and enjoy life. That’s why you went into business, wasn’t it?

Ready to embrace ease?

Working with Michelle is fun and easy. She offers many products and programs to help you choose how to live life on your terms and grow a business that serves you and your clients. Whatever your goals and dreams are, she will help you create an action plan to achieve them. Michelle offers individual coaching, mastermind groups, and workshops tailored to meet your conscious business needs.

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Michelle Spalding - Fairy Godmother