VIP Mastermind Intensive

Extraordinary Business | Extraordinary Life

You’ve been called to do something special and have a unique gift you wish to share in a big way. You’re here for a reason my dear and our world needs that special gift only you have. It’s time to commit to following your passion and share your gift with the world. It’s time to take the next step and make it happen.

But how you ask….….… do you figure it out and create a plan to do it? That’s where me, your Fairy Godmother, can help, we’ll do it together.

If you are ready for massive transformation and solutions to some of your biggest challenges along with a blueprint of the actions steps needed to accomplish your personal and professional goals, then the VIP Mastermind Intensive may be your solution.

Here’s how it works –

You + Me + Massive Focus for One Day = BIG RESULTS

It’s you and me for a full or a half day working side by side focused on finding solutions to your biggest challenges and creating a personalized plan to help you accomplish your goals. We can do this via Skype, Google Hangout or my favorite way, together in person. When you choose the full day option it’s like 4 months of coaching all condensed into one pretty spectacular day.

At the end of our session you’ll have a personalized blueprint totally unique to your business and personal challenges and the action steps necessary to complete this plan.

We won’t sit around and chit chat, we’ll be working intensively for the time you’ve selected to find the best solutions exclusively for you. Sure we’ll take breaks and if you choose to work with me in person, I’ll even provide a yummy healthy lunch and a glass, or two, of Champaign when we’re done for the day to toast your accomplishments, but the day will be like driving at warp speed to create a plan to reach your goals.

This means is that we’ll get a lot done, many challenges solved and you’ll have a big plan and actions steps to move forward and accomplish your biggest goals.

Over the years I’ve helped many people grow their business and increase their income, and while that was rewarding one of my favorite things I’ve helped people with is creating a business that doesn’t run their life. One that not only provides them with a nice income but also gives them the time and leaves them with the energy to focus on other important things to them such as their family and community.

I can help you break down the steps needed to accomplish your big vision and have a life and business you love.

It would be my honor to help you if would like some support and solutions in removing the obstacles that are blocking you.

This program isn’t for everyone and the best way for us to decide if I can help you is to schedule some time to meet.  Upon completing the information below I’ll be in touch to book a convenient time for us to meet to discuss your business, your challenges and possible solutions I can offer.


Even if you aren’t fully sure a VIP Mastermind Intensive or coaching program is for you, I encourage you to fill out this application and give it your ALL and book some time with me. Just the act of answering these questions is a powerful, self-awareness experience. This application will also help us determine if this program is a match for you. Please be completely honest and authentic with your answers. Your application is 100% confidential.

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