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Recently I received an email from KIVA, which is an international organization that provides micro loans to individuals and groups to help them start or grow a business.  If you’re not already supporting KIVA I encourage you to check it out and consider it.

I am truly amazed at what a small amount like $25 can do when combined with others to change the lives of people around the world.  KIVA helps thosekiva who obtain micro loans to become independent and self-sufficient.  Through their local resource sites they encourage people to dream big and take action and give them loans to make it happen.  In the past few years I’ve increased the initial loan amount from $25 to a little more than $100 and because of the repayments of the loans from the recipients that initial investment has been reinvested and now has turned into $250 in loans.  How cool is that?

I mention this because they not only send me updates to let me know how the loans I have are going, but also from time to time how the people are doing with the funds they received.  Seeing that my small amount is making such a big impact in the life of someone who doesn’t even speak the same language is truly amazing to me.

This is the same type of thing we can all do in our business.  We can regularly reach out, via email, social media, snail mail (yes, that’s right, sending mail to people makes them smile) or even the phone.  While people may know what you do, and what you offer, they are busy and may forget. There is an old saying which I’m sure you recall hearing as a child “out of sight, out of mind”.   Staying in front of them, like KIVA does, is an excellent way to grow relationships with your prospects and customers.

Often when I am consulting with a client the first thing we do is create a strategy to help them connect with people.  Here’s some ideas I shared with a client in a recent coaching session you can easily use in your business:

1.    When speaking at an event, be sure to make it easy for participants to share their contact information with you.  A signup sheet, a basket for them to drop their business cards in, or even an iPad that has an app to gather info.  Have a compelling reason for people to give you something sacred, like their email or phone number.  Generally offering them a special gift, eBook or complimentary mini consultation works and is a great way to continue to communicate with them AFTER the event.

2.      Do what you say you’re going to do and follow through (quickly).  Not long ago I attended an event, I drove almost an hour on a Saturday and gave my card to 2 people who offered a service I was truly interested in learning more about and ask them to contact me.  NEITHER of them have bothered to call or email me.  It’s been several months now and if one of them were to call I may not be inclined to business with them as they didn’t take me serious when I was ready.

3.    Communicate frequently. KIVA sends me something a few times a month.  I send you something weekly.  Find the sweet spot for your business and communicate with your followers regularly.   If you connect often with good info they can use they will expect it and show their appreciation by opening your emails (THANK YOU for opening this one).  If you simply email when you have a book or a new course to offer, you run the risk of offending people thinking you’re only emailing because you want them to buy.

Growing a thriving business takes happy customers and today’s consumers have many options.  When we make them feel good, they remember us and come back for more.  It’s like any other relationship, it takes commitment and nurturing. Show people you care by staying in touch.

If I can help you in creating a plan to connect and inspire your customers, just scroll to the bottom of this email and click the link to schedule a complimentary coaching session.

Here’s to big dreams and lots of fun, no matter where you are in the world.

Love and light,



Michelle Spalding
Fairy Godmother


Illuminate Together Radio

NuReveal Yoga logoSpecial Guest Luna Phoenix  on Wednesday May 28, at 4:30pm Eastern.  Luna teaches nude yoga in Central Florida and has a facinating story for you on how she got started.  Join me for this exciting interview as we talk about The Discovery of your True Self by uncovering layers to lead you into recovery of your Divine Connection.

Luna Phoenix - NuReveal Yoga logoEach Wednesday at 4:30 PM Eastern I have the honor to interview soulful entrepreneurs.  Amazing people who are making the world a better place by following their passion.

Illuminate Together Radio is where soulful entrepreneurs connect on the airwaves to bring passion, creativitity, inspiration and adventure together weekly.   Click here to listen to this extraordinary interview.

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Video – Technology Made Easy

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