Dear Brilliant Soulful Entrepreneur:


Thank you for you for being a purpose driven soulful entrepreneur.  You’ve got BIG Dreams and I truly adore you for that. This book I’ve written this eBook titled the 7 Success Secrets of Enterprising Entrepreneurs just for you.


I’m delighted to share with you some of the Michelle Spalding eBook 7 Habitssuccess secrets I’ve learned and how to apply them to your business.  It’s my wish that you find a nugget or two to help you achieve the personal level of success  you desire.  As your Fairy Godmother remember I’m always here if you need any help.


To download the eBook in PDF click on the title below:


7 Success Habits of Enterprising Entrepreneurs eBook



Please keep in touch and let  me know how I can assist you in making your business the one of your dreams.


 Best wishes,




Michelle Spalding
Fairy Godmother