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In our modern society there is this feeling that we must always be doing something and now with social media, we feel compelled to report our actions.  It’s as if there is nothing else that matters except doing, doing, doing.  Too often this doing comes before we even know what we want; we just feel like we’re missing out or are wrong if we’re not in doing mode.

Over the years I’ve discovered, uninspired action however will often leave us running around in circles.  When we aren’t mindful of what we desire in life we often get lost in the action we take.  We tend to push hard to “make” thing happen, rather than to allow them to unfold.  Often when we know from within that this is what we truly want, and take action, on faith that it’s putting us on the path to where we want to go, the task at hand is easier.  People and resources tend to just appear and the project is much, much easier.

For instance several years ago, I was planning to write a book I love to write and also had been told that it was good for my business.  I sent out a few requests for some stories from my clients and colleagues, not much came back, except that one client that annoyed me, he said, he had the perfect story.  It just didn’t feel right, the book I thought I wanted to write, wasn’t really for this audience.  I was trying to adjust myself to produce a book that I thought they would buy and that would draw attention to my business. As hard as I tried, I just couldn’t get it done, it never felt like the story I was here to tell.

Rather than abandon my writing all together, or compromise on the beliefs I have, I started writing blog posts and articles that began to scratch the surface on the thoughts I had.  I wrote about the power of gratitude, loving what you do, listening to your intuition, following your passion, surrounding yourself with people who support you and many more.  Each of these writing assignments were easy for me to create.  They were inspired by the beliefs I have, the passion I have for helping others desire I have to be genuine.

Some people opted out of the list, and at first I was troubled by this, then I remembered that those people were likely not a match for the person I am and the clients I wish to serve so I then became thankful for their departure.  So much easier and more rewarding working with people who you’ve attracted because you’re genuine and in alignment with the bigger you, than it is to chase people down and beat your message over the head until they buy.

Yes, I took action, but not until I got in alignment with my beliefs and was able to go within and create the exact article or blog post I wanted to get the message I wanted to out.  Rather than tying to force it or swim up stream by having to do this or that, I wrote what felt right.

As you’re making your to-do list, pay close attention to how it “feels” when you put an item on it.  Do more of what feels good and less of what doesn’t.  Listen to your intuition when taking action and when things don’t feel right, change course.

You are special, you are unique and you’ve got something only you can do. Thank you for doing more of that.

Here’s to inspired action, fun times and tropical adventures.
All the best,

Michelle Spalding

Fairy Godmother

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