Soul Crafted Success - Book ClubHi, I'm Michelle Spalding and I love to read. I also love hanging out with others to discuss books, share ideas we've learned and spend time in the company of amazing women. To do more of the things I love, I've started the Sparks of Wisdom Book Club.

The purpose of the book club is to bring together female entrepreneurs or aspiring entrepreneurs to discuss a book that can help them feel more empowered in their business and life. It's a casual, fun, and welcoming club open to all.

Every 8 weeks (or so) we'll gather to discuss the book that was chosen, share takeaways, ideas to implement some of the action items, and just have fun geeking out about books and transformation.

If you too love to read and spend time with amazing women, I hope you'll join the book club.

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Books are the plane, and the train, and the road. They are the destination and the journey. They are home —Anna Quindlen

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Sparks of Wisdom Book Club Supports Kiva

Books have the power to transform the lives of the readers. So can a small loan to help someone start or grow a business. At Kiva, small loans of as little as $20, are changing lives. Participants in the Sparks of Wisdom book club are changing lives by making small loans. We ask participants to loan whatever amount they can to Kiva, to help another female business owner.