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I hope that your are having a marvelous week.  As many of my long time readers and friends know I really enjoy live music and am frequently found in the audience singing and dancing along in venues big and small.  There is just something magical about live music.

Last weekend I attended Tom Petty and the Heart Breakers concert in South Florida at  an outdoor (only partially covered) amphitheatre.  Thankfullysoulful entrepreneur the rains we’ve been having here in the Sunshine State subsided a few hours before the show so more than 20,000 people could come together to celebrate the music.

At the show it hit me that Tom Petty wasn’t tying to please anyone in particular, he was simply following his passion and sharing his music (message) with the crowd.  While there were 20,000 plus folks gathered and each of us experiencing it in our own unique way, Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers were simply playing THEIR music, in their own special way.  Which for the record was awesome.

I’m always on the look out for soulful business ideas and at this show I picked up a few.  As a soulful entrepreneur with a message about our product or service we can follow the lead of this band and other great ones like it.  Here’s 3 tips you can use in your business that I took away from the concert:

1.  Get clear on your message or in music terms your sound.  At the show there wasn’t a pop song, followed by jazz, them a rock song to make sure that everyone got something they liked.  And your message can’t be all over the board either.  Be clear so that as your business grows the audience that will most resonate with your message (music) will show up and happily invest in spending time and money with you.

2.   Spread the word (share the music), often.  Many soulful entrepreneurs don’t make it as successful businesses not because their message, their services or their products aren’t fantastic, it’s because not enough people know about it.  We can’t hide out and expect to be discovered, we’ve got to step out and be seen.  Sure, this leaves us exposed to criticism and that can hurt.  Keeping with the music analogy, I’m sure this band and many other top names in the industry faced a lot of critics over the years.   It’s okay that not everyone loves or even understands what you do, if they don’t it’s likely it wasn’t for them after all.

3.  Make plans and stick with them.  Concerts are planned months and months sometimes a year in advance.  The larger the venue the more time it takes to make it happen.  There are lots of hands it takes to put on a show for 20,000 people.  In our business we have to do the same, be clear on your mission, make plans, get support (help) and follow through.  Sure things change with each venue they play at, some inside others outside and you’ll find this in your business as well.  With their clear mission (sharing the music) you see that follow through is important to maintaining connection with the fans.

As entrepreneurs sometimes we tend to get distracted during the last quarter of the year and lose momentum on our projects and goals.  If you have a message, and need some assistance in getting it out in a BIG way, please let me know.  I have several complimentary sessions available at this time and would be happy to help you in any way I can.

Starting the New Year off with a BANG comes from planning in the fall.  I’ll talk more about that in a future edition.  In the meantime, if I can help you with your planning, message or finding time get it all done in your business, please let me know.

Here’s to great music, wonderful friends and loads of fun.

Yours truly,

Michelle Spalding

Fairy Godmother



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