Email eZine vs. Blogging
Which is better for your conscious bossiness?

For many years now as a soulful entrepreneur, I’ve been a fan of both email eZines and blogging as ways to grow my conscious business. It’s often the number one thing I work on with my clients who participate in my Soulful Business 4 Month Intensive Coaching Program to help them create a presence online and a connection with their audience. My experience, research and client results have lead me the following conclusion – you can’t have one without the other.

  “Good words are worth much, and cost little.” ~ George Herbert

Sure there are bloggers who write about the things they’re passionate about that become huge and movies are made about them. Remember Julie and Julia?

Blogging fame takes time as well as lots of energy and effort writing about things you’re passionate about. Especially as they relate to your product or service, it’s only part of the equation when it comes to creating a presence online.

A blog is designed to create traffic to your website and so long as you’re writing about the things that interest those who are searching online, you’ll be found.

That’s the GREAT NEWS!!

An eZine is designed to connect with people when you have new information to share.


By blending the two together you have one of those soulful business ideas that allows you to educate and communicate with those who know and love you and even those who are in the early stages of getting to know you.

In addition, having an eZine allows you to invite people from your social media channels, an event or radio show you speak at to receive “more” of you on a regular basis via their email. Those that have already said YES and have purchased your product of service should also be added to your eZine list.

Now that you have the two connected be consistent with posting and emailing. I recommend each once a week. Sometimes entrepreneurs find that overwhelming, start small, send out an email every other week. Search through old articles you’ve written in the past, polish them up and add them to your blog.  Nurture your list, provide them with helpful information and bring them great products and services that will help them.

Remember, be interesting, be personable and have fun with it. You’ve got a big message to share with the world, and the only way they will hear it is if you start sharing it.