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Master the Art of Taking Inspired Action to Create A Better Life Now!

by Michelle Barr

In this episode, learn Michelle’s simple yet powerful process to creating what you want in your life and in your business. Understand the integral parts of the creation process that you are misunderstanding and misinterpreting which results in missed opportunities and disappointing results. Learn why Action is they key and what gets in the way of us tapping into our inspiration and inner guidance and getting what we need to move forward in all areas of of our life.

Michelle is the Creator and Founder of the Spiritual BusinessMichelle Barr - Illuminate Together Radio School, helping Conscious Entrepreneurs make money while making a difference.

You can visit www.intuitivesuccesscoach.com and get a free 21-Day E-mail Course from Michelle Barr.

You can find more information about Spiritual Business School at www.marketingandmindset.com.

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