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Intuition – some call it that voice, a knowing or a sixth sense.  Others call it signs and guidance.  No matter what you call it we all have it and when used daily it can help us make wise choices to help us in our business.  On this episode we will be chatting about using our intuition specifically in our business decissions.

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On you mark! Get set! Shine! Welcome to Illuminate Together Radio.  The place where inspiration, creativity, passion and adventure connect on the airways to help you create the life and business of your dreams.  Here’s your host and fairy godmother, Michelle Spalding.

Hello! Hello! Hello! Happy Wednesday! I hope everyone’s listening and having a smashingly good day and I’m excited to be here with you again this week.  Today, we’re going to talk about intuition.  And as we get started, I want to say to you that I hope my friends here in the U.S. had a very good Thanksgiving last week.

On last week’s show, we talked a lot about gratitude and I gave you some ideas on flexing your gratitude muscle.  And I really hope that each and every one of you had a fantastic Thanksgiving.  My family, we all gathered around the table on Thanksgiving, late in the afternoon.  And the following day, we took Black Friday off, as we all have it here in the states.

And instead of spending our money at the malls, we adventured out into Walt Disney World, myself, my partner and three kids, 21, 14 and 7, and spent the day at Disney and had a really good time, really just an extension of some togetherness time.

So, today’s show is all about intuition.  It’s about how this happened to our intuition and how to apply that to our business.  A lot of times, and I know I’ve said this in the past and I’ll probably say it again, we leave our spirituality or leave our spiritual tools at home when we go to work or when we go in to our business.

And I’m really adamant about us being ourselves no matter where we are specifically in our businesses where we can use those tools that we studied, that we are learning and that we will continue to learn to help us thrive and grow in our business and in our places of work.

So, intuition is what some people call, maybe, a little voice.  It’s for others kind of a sense of knowing, or maybe it’s just a sixth sense as some people call it.  Others think that intuition is like a sign or guidance.  No matter what you want to call it or how it comes to you, it is something that every one of us has.

And when we apply it daily and tap into it, we’re able to make wise decisions in our business not just on growing it but really having satisfaction in it as well.

Albert Einstein once said that “the only real valuable thing is intuition.”  And I got the feeling that if we were to sit down and be able to talk with him today, we would hear a lot about how he was guided, and the things that he did didn’t just come from a professor or a colleague.  They came from a higher part of him or an intuitive tug guiding him to do some of the many things that he did.

Now, let us get into intuition and really even more so the description of it according to the dictionary.  It’s “a direct perception of the truth, a fact or an independent of any reasoning process or immediate apprehension.”  I love that description, and once we dive into it a little further, it becomes clear.  But it’s that knowing.  It’s that believing, it’s that trusting a decision that you’re making is coming from this intuitive tug, even when there is not any apparent reason why that makes sense other than that knowing.

It’s also, according to dictionary.com, a fact, a truth, or perceived in a particular way.  This one I like, a keen and quick insight.  It’s a keen insight that you can quickly tap into once you’ve grown and flexed your intuitive muscle.

And then also, it is a quality or an ability of having such a direct perception or quick insight.  So, there are two ways that I can come into my house, my home office.  I’m from the downtown area here in central Florida.  The first way that I can come home is the side road and that’s the way that I like to normally come home.  I’m not in any big rush usually.  I like to meander.  I spend a lot of time when I am travelling about listening to audio programs and right now, I’m enjoying the second book of Harry Potter.

So, I’m not in any big rush.  And I generally take the side road, the surface road that runs basically right along beside the big interstate here in town, but there were two occasions recently where really, for no apparent reason, just like the description says, I took the freeway.  I got into the freeway line and before I know it, I was on the freeway.

And as I drove home, I looked over at the surface road and saw on both occasions the surface road was blocked.  There was once an accident and another time, there was some sort of incident that involved fire trucks and police vehicles.

Now, I didn’t know that when I came up to the intersection whether I make a choice to take the freeway or take the side road.  But again, there was a tug that was just a knowing that this is the way that I should go today.  And it worked out very well.  My intuition guided me to take the freeway which prevented me from having a ride stuck in that tangled mess.

Another time where my intuition paid off was I got a business call from someone and it was a really long and lengthy inquiry about the services that I offered.  Unfortunately, in the middle of this conversation I had to cut it short.  I was on my way to a meeting and  generally I don’t take calls when I’m getting ready to go into a meeting but in that particular instance, the phone rang through from my office to my cell and I took it, took this woman’s phone number down and promised her I would get back with her after my meeting.

Well, I have this strange feeling that just something wasn’t right.  I wasn’t sure what it was, but I just had this feeling that she wasn’t who she said she was or she was not being totally transparent with me.  So, I listened to that intuition and I Googled her.  I Googled the phone number.  She had given me a different name.  I Googled her phone number and it happened to be somebody who was my competitor.

And I emailed her and told her what I have discovered and basically how shocked I was that she was calling me and asking me questions about my business, my services, the prices, the way that we do the services, the way that we provide the services and that had she reached out and asked me for a consult, I would’ve gladly given her one, knowing and believing that there is plenty of business in this world and that helping her was not going to take away from my business.

Ironically enough, she emailed me back and said that she took the approach that she took because she didn’t think that there were people out there like me willing to help and share.  We exchanged a few more emails and at the very end, it boiled down to her inauthentic self shining through, me being able to see and hear that in her voice.  And I told her I wasn’t sure  what it was, but I trusted it and that’s the reason I looked to see where that number was and what it was that who this person actually was.

So again, that was my intuition, that was something telling me this doesn’t feel right just like my journey on the freeway, something telling me to go that way.  And you all have it.  Each and every one of you listening hear or feel or have a tug from time to time maybe, frequently telling you to do this, to do that.

So, how do you tap into that and how do you use that on a regular basis in your business?  Well, first of all, you have to be open to it.  And that’s one of the biggest, I think, challenges for a lot of people is to hear about this intuition or to hear about using this in order to help them in their business, but they’re resistant to it on some level.  There’s not a whole lot of books  to the best of my knowledge on tapping into your intuition to create or make a business what it is that is soulfully fulfilling to you.

But in “The Game of Life and How to Play It” by Florence Scovel Shinn which was published way back in 1925, still a great reading material and relevant today, she teaches us the power of spoken words.  And that a person who knows their power becomes careful in his or her conversation.  She experienced that it is a very big accomplishment for the person who knows the power of their word and follows their intuitive leads.

We can ask God or spirits for guidance in revealing the way for us to take, but that these answers generally come to us, through an intuitive tug, a chance or remark from someone or maybe even a passage in a book.  I bet nowadays though if Ms.  Scovel Shinn was alive and writing this today, it may come from a message on a license price or a bumper sticker or a sign may come from a post on Facebook or someone’s tweet, a telephone call from someone.

Our intuition is there to help us.  It’s there to guide us.  It’s there to answer the request that we have.  Once there was a woman I had met at an event many years ago.  And she picked up one of the CDs that I had available that day.

And like many people, put it on the shelf and didn’t do anything with it.  And one day, she’s cleaning her office out and found this audio CD and decides, “Today, I’m going to listen to it.”  Again, no real reason why other than she hadn’t done it yet.

She called me later that day and she was so excited, so giddy, it was kind of hard to calm her down almost.  She said that there was this huge light bulb, goose bumps that came over her.  In the audio CD, there was an interview I had done with a gentleman and part of the audio was almost, step by step, many of the things that she had been struggling with in her business, a place that she wanted to visit, but wasn’t sure how she was going to be able to take the time to go and visit it with the current state of her business.

Now, it wasn’t just a place like the beach, it was Abu Dhabi, and she felt this was  a huge sign from her that this was something that she needed to incorporate into her business or services in order to help her not only because what we did could definitely free her up, but she felt that this intuitive tug, this knowing that today was the day she needed to listen to this audio CD was kind of a divine intervention if you will, given the fact that it was the same struggle in the same location.  And she had had the CD for I guess over a year in her office.  And that very day, she started listening to it.

Again, she said, she didn’t know why she did, but she was so excited that she finally did.  Not only did she call and sign up, but she called to thank me as well.  Intuition led her to the answer that she was seeking.  Let me say that again, intuition led her to the answer that she was seeking.

Developing our intuition is important in making decisions.  It is my experience that when we use our intuition, it is powerful.  And we are trained to trust it, that that guidance can help us in all matters, including businesses.  Training however starts with just getting quiet and really being open to those nudges, those signs, those words that leap off the page, and the books that kind of jump off the shelves at us and the people that call us.

We have to be patient however.  Letting the answers come and not pushing them.  And this is where I’ll personally tell you I get stuck sometimes.  As to some people that I worked with, business is often fast paced and when we have a situation that comes up as an entrepreneur or as an owner, as a woman, as a mom, it’s kind of in our nature to want to solve problems.  We want to fix things.  We want to deal with what we have and put a band aid on it, put a bow on it and send it off.

But this is not always the best approach.  Not always is that the best thing for us to do at that given time.  What we have to do is be patient, put the information out there, ask for guidance, ask for help and then, be open to as much of it as it comes.  Be open to the signs.  Be open, like I said earlier, to the words that kind of leap right out at us when we open a book.

Taking notes on those nudges also is a great way to train your intuition.  Where have you been lead to go and how did you do it and what did you learn as you did that.  I gave you the example earlier of twice, in just the last month or so, being led to the freeway versus taking the surface road, and on both of those occasions, the surface road being blocked.  That’s a note.  That’s worthy of paying attention to in my opinion because that nudge helped me.  It helped me.  It saved me from getting into a traffic tangle.  And I encourage you to do the very same thing.

When you listen to your intuition and it works in your favor, take a note of it.  When you don’t listen to your intuition and things don’t work on your favor, take a note of that too. Not for scolding yourself, I should’ve, I could’ve, I would’ve, but for next time, I’ll know that nudge is important.  I’ll know that doing or calling or being in this particular place is important and I will trust my intuition.

Two days ago, I said to myself, I need to check my bank accounts and make the deposit that’s in my office because that’s what I felt I needed to do, but I got busy and I put it off because I know that every Wednesday that’s normally my routine.

But two times I have this, “Go take care of that” and unfortunately, I didn’t.  And I forgot that a large chunk of money comes out of my bank account to pay for our health insurance and it came out this morning, and I checked my account this afternoon.  And unfortunately, that mistake cost me a few dollars.

Had I listened to the nudge two days ago and made the deposit of the checks that were on my desk, it wouldn’t have cost me anything but a few moments of time.  That’s a nudge that’s worth documenting, that’s worth remembering, that’s worth learning from as I move forward.

Keep score and start to look at things differently, say thanks to your intuition when you’re led and when you’ve listened and even when you didn’t.  I am thankful that I had that nudge, that that nudge told me to do something, both the freeway as well as the banking.

Well, not always do I listen to that nudge.  I’m still very thankful that I get these nudges, that I get those hands, that I get those tugs telling me to do things.  In business, it’s important to pay attention to those signs.  It’s really no different than paying attention to anything outside of your work as well.  And like I said earlier, it’s very important that we are our genuine authentic self both at home and our personal lives as well as in our business life.

When we’re making business decisions, it’s okay to ask others. It’s okay to ask a few others, but always listen to your intuition, when you’re making those decisions.  When push comes to shove, when it’s time for you to decide what’s going to happen, you need to listen to your intuition. What are you being guided to do, not what some expert told you should be done.  What are you being guided to do?

Several years ago, I took a phone call from someone who was a perspective client and I had a feeling in the initial conversation that this particular individual was going to be a challenge.  However, at that time, I was in a situation where I needed the revenue that this particular client can possibly bring us.

Unfortunately, this particular client led up to my expectation and exceeded it.  Not only was he a difficult client, he was actually rude to many of the team members that I worked with, many of the industry individuals that we interact with on a regular basis, and even some of his colleagues and clients.

That unfortunately had a negative impact on the way people looked at our business.  Had I listened to my instincts, we wouldn’t have gone down that road.  Now, looking back at that, I’m thankful that we learned from that.  We’ve learned as a team that those kinds of people are not fit for us, that just because there was some money to be had from the opportunity to work with them doesn’t mean that it’s right for us.

But what I also learned was that sometimes when you think that a person is going to be difficult and monopolize a lot of your time, they actually not only live up to that, but the truth that came out was that the time that it took and to work with this particular client took us away from other clients and other opportunities to work with new clients.

And in the end, we were absolutely right.  He wasn’t a good fit for us.  So, when you are interacting with perspective clients, when you are talking to people about your services or your products, listen to the nudges, listen to your guidance, listen to what comes up.

About six or seven years ago, I was part of a mastermind group.  And in this mastermind group, I spoke up and told the participants that I wanted to speak at live events.  Now, I hadn’t had a whole lot of experience at that, but I felt pretty confident in my ability to do that and thought by making that a goal, that was something that I was going to work towards accomplishing.

I had no idea that I would be getting a phone call just a few weeks later from someone in my mastermind group, telling me she wanted to introduce me to somebody because my company’s services and the event that they were hosting, that she was doing work for, was possibly a good fit.  And she wanted to at least make the introduction.

Well, thankfully, I said, “Yes, please make the introduction.” I spoke to the individuals who were doing the event.  We made a connection and they wanted me to come to the event.  Well, I agreed to and then they told me where it was.  It was in New Orleans.  I lived in Orlando.

And at that time, I didn’t have a lot of resources at my discretion that I could just book a hotel, book a car, book a flight and do it on a whim in just a few days.  But somehow, some way, I pulled it together and made it happen.

I was guided to take that trip basically by my intuition.  I wasn’t sure where it was going to take me.  I wasn’t sure what was going to happen, but I do know one thing, that I said that I wanted to do something and here was an answer, here was an opportunity.  And so, I went in to this event.

In addition to meeting some great people at this event and learning a lot from the other speakers and participants at this event, I did my presentation.  It went very well.  Nobody there knew that it was my first time speaking before a group that large.  I think there were about seventy or eighty people at that first event.  A few months later, they asked me to come back and speak again.

And at that second event, I asked one of the participants who I met at the first event who I knew lived in town, would he please take me on a tour of the city.  I’ve never been to New Orleans.  The first time I visited this city, I was scared to death to wonder into the French corner.  And he did, that happens to be my partner today.

Had I not listened to my intuition, had I not been guided by it, I wouldn’t have had the opportunity, so I’d have to do so many other fantastic things in my life.  What I’m getting at is when you do get an intuitive head, when something tells you that this is where you should go, don’t judge it, don’t question it too terribly much.  Just listen to it.  Be real quiet, be real still.  Make notes of it.

Maybe you can tell others, someone who’s trusted, somebody that is kind of on the same game as you, the same plank as you.  Ask somebody who you can trust.  Tell them, “Hey! I’m feeling like this is the right thing.”

And then again, no matter what, always trust your intuition.  And I mentioned earlier that start with records, start keeping a record or a journal to document this intuition, the guidance that you get.

It’s not only to go back and look at, “Well, that worked and that didn’t,” but it helps increase your faith in your intuition.  When you see that you’ve done the right thing based on something that you were intuitively lead to do or not to do, it’s like growing a muscle, it’s like flexing a muscle, it’s like strengthening your muscle.

You have to use that muscle often though.  It’s really like any other muscle in our body.  We have to use it in order for it to work properly.  The more you build it, the better it gets.  As you travel about this week, I would like you to join me in thinking about the signs that you’re receiving and how you can apply these to situations that you’re trying to resolve or improve any situation in your business or your life.  Those signs are out there.  Ask for help.  Ask spirits.  Ask God.  Ask divine.  Ask whatever guidance that you have in your life, whatever higher source that you believe in and then be open to the answers coming to you as an intuitive tug.

Remember to use it often.  If you’re in Orlando, I’d love it if you joined me next week on Thursday at Illuminate Together.  It’s a live event that I host once a month in Maitland.  If you go to my website, MichelleSpalding.com/Illuminate, you’ll find more information about that.  We meet the second Thursday of the month, from 7 to 9pm.  It’s where we gather other soulful entrepreneur, soulful hearts and they’re business owners who come together just like here live on the radio.

We’re coming together at a live event and we’re sharing ideas.  We’re making connections.  We’re developing relationships.  We’re looking for opportunities to work together and help one another and to grow our respective businesses.

I spend a lot of time on Facebook and Twitter and now, I am on Instagram, so look for me there.  You can find links to that on the show’s website or on my website.  I want to thank you for listening this afternoon, for letting me chat with you a little bit about intuition, how to use it, how to tap in to it, and where you can apply it to your business.

Next week, I hope you will join me, when we’re talking about budget friendly business building ideas. We’re going to talk about some things you can use to really grow your business in a soulful, heart-centered authentic way.  So, join me next week where we’ll be chatting about that.  Thanks again and have a beautiful week.

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