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Being the Peace You Wish to See in the World…with Jennifer Sutton

In this episode, we will see how what we bring to the world matters. Jennifer Sutton - Illuminate Together RadioIn a discussion with Jennifer Sutton, Founder of Intuitive Self Defense, we will explore the idea of intentional peace through Presence and how it impacts your life and the lives of those you love (and strangers’ lives, too!). As a pacifist, martial artist, joy coach, nonprofit consultant, and aspiring hippy, Jennifer has been asking the questions of how peace can be brought to the world her whole life. She found some answers recently and is sharing them through her Intuitive Self Defense course – a four hour course that gives students strong foundations in the understanding of violence and in brain function (for self-defense and for miracles!), a touch of quantum physics, and a closer look at how we can find our own Third Way in everyday life.

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