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Reclaiming our Divinity by Michelle Jeffrey

You can change the course of your life in an instant, an hour, a year or a lifetime.

Michelle discovered this wisdom only after attempting the week, year and lifetime approach.

It was this “divine instant” that opened the doorway to exploring a life of guiding others to connect with their own hearts intelligence.

Thus the beginning of what has become the most gratifying job of her lifetime, serving as a Ford Institute Breakthrough Shadow Coach for anyone  who desires  to transform their lives and create lasting change.  Michelle assist clients to  transcend their story, embrace wholeness, increase their emotional intelligence and lead a life from their heart.

Michelle is a Public Speaker, Seminar Leader, Mentor and Transformational Coach currently working on her first of many books with Balboa Press, A division of Hay House.

Give her an hour of your time and she will change your life forever too. Visit http://www.michellejeffrey.com/




Illuminate Together Radio is a favorite weekly gathering place for many soulful entrepreneurs, conscious business owners as well as women in business to learn from each other and shine their lights brightly to be the positive change we wish to see in our world.

Believing that there is no competition, only collaboration each week Michelle interviews guest from around the world who share their journey as entrepreneurs. Each episode is filled with inspiration, fun and information for new and seasoned soulful entrepreneurs alike.

Tune in live each Wednesday at 4:30pm Eastern weekly for soulful business ideas or listen to the weekly replays are posted here for your to enjoy on your favorite mp3 player.

Stay inspired, get a regular dose of inspiration from soulful entrepreneurs just like you who are working daily to create the life and business of their dreams.