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In this episode we’ll talk about creating a Thriving Soulful Business. Sharing your talents with the world in a way that also helps you create enough revenue to live the life you want and share with others as you desire.

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On your mark, get set, shine! Welcome to Illuminate Together Radio, the place where inspiration, creativity, passion and adventure connect on the airway to help you create the life and business of your dream. Here’s your host, and fairy godmother, Michelle Spalding.

Good Afternoon! Good afternoon beautiful souls, how is everyone doing today? Happy New Year! I love this time here, it’s like a clean slate, starting fresh; it’s this feeling of kind of endless possibilities. We have a whole year ahead of us to get done what we want to get done and while we can start anew basically each and every day, there’s just still something so invigorating about this time of year. And perhaps it’s because collectively, there’s an energy where many of us are focused on creating something new on attaining a goal, on making a change for the better in our lives, in our businesses, and perhaps even beyond in some other areas.

Today, we’re talking about creating a thriving, soulful business and that’s a business that feeds your soul, a business that is soulful in a way that it allows you to be yourself, when you’re working with your clients. It allows you to stay in your uniqueness and attract others that have similar spiritual values. And for me, being authentic allows me to stand out in some circles and people see me and resonate with me, but it also makes it so that some people aren’t interested in my message and neither one of us wastes time with one another

Perhaps, a time down the road, because they’ve heard that, I maybe have said I may not, but I don’t worry about that. So, thriving soulful business is also about sharing your talents with the world in a way that allows you to create enough revenue to live the life that you want and to share with others as you so desire.

I taught a class last night, at my home and in this class, one of the students was talking about creating financial independence and we discussed what that meant for him. What it looked like for him was being able to make decisions not solely based on the amount of money, as well as being able to help people that needed help.

And he told a story of someone in his circle that needed some work done on their car, and the car work that they needed done with a couple of hundred dollars, not an insanely large amount of money, but a chunk of change. And what he said to me was that it really challenged him and frustrated him that he couldn’t just reach out and help this person and give them what they needed in order to get their car back on the road.

For him, that was his level of financial independence. For others, it’s looking at a big house. It’s being able to maybe help their family reach some financial goals, reach some educational goals, travel to some places. Everyone’s life is going to be different with what respect to what they want in order for them to feel profitable, what they want in order for them to feel safe and secure, so I’m not going to give you information on what your sales should be, in order to quantify it as a thriving soulful business. It’s entirely up to you.

Everyone has a different life and a different lifestyle, but what I will tell you is that it’s about following your passion and creating a profit. It’s about, making sure that your needs are met financially, and that you are doing the things that you’re fulfilled by and being of service to others.

So, what I wanted to spend today talking about was some recent coaching that I had. And yes, as a coach, I still work with a coach from time to time. Sometimes, more than the not, more than I think many people think that coaches might not or might.

And so, I was working with my coach the other day and we were talking about getting really focused for 2014 and we spent 2 days together, 3 hours, 3 plus hours each day, for a total of about 7 hours. And in that time, what we worked on was getting some things clear, getting some things, some marketing ideas, some marketing messages and then an action plan for implementing those in 2014.

So, I thought that it would be really cool today to kind of share with you some of the coaching that I got. And hopefully, you can use that in your business to reach whatever goal it is that you are trying to reach.

So, when I was working with her, and some of the information she shared with me was on getting clear with my message, and that meant, of course, taking it back a step and getting really clear on who my ideal client is. Now, one of the mistakes that many people make when they start a business is they’ll say, “Anybody who can pay.” And that’s not true. While we would love for our message and our business to be able to serve the world, because we’re so passionate about what we do, and so believe that it’s of benefit to many people, if your message is so diluted that you’re making it very general, and that I’m for everyone, what I do is good for everyone, then people aren’t going to hear you. You’re not going to stand out in the noisy world and people aren’t going to find you, they’re not going to resonate with you, they’re not going to see what you had to offer being something unique or special.

And so, what we talked about was getting really clear on who that ideal client is. And there’s the – all different schools have thoughts on this, but I want to encourage you to think about the people that you’ve recently worked with and what they look like. Ask yourself some questions about who they are, how they look. Let me go over just a few of those questions that you might be asking yourself when you’re trying to sort out who your ideal client is.

And some of these are going to help you, so that when you are doing your writing, when you are in a room doing networking, when you’re online talking about your message or even meeting with people, it becomes very clear to them that you’re talking to them. It’s almost like you want people when they find you to think that you’ve been spying on them almost, that you have been listening to what’s going on in their head, and here you are finally here to help them solve whatever challenge it is that they have going on, whatever service or product that you provide that can give them a solution to whatever is going on. You want to ask yourself things like are they male or female? Is the person that your product or service most going to resonate with a male or a female? Now, before we go any further on this one, just because you say, I resonate most with women, doesn’t mean that your message might not be heard, or you might not provide services to a man, what it means is that when you’re conjuring up this vision of who your ideal client is, she’s a woman.

Are they single or married or in a relationship? I mean, those are important things that might be helpful to you in your mind, when you’re writing out or conversing with people or even thinking about places that you should maybe network at to find clients. Are they educated, and if so what level of education? That’s helpful so that you know the style of writing that you should be using.

What are their immediate goals? A client that might come to you for perhaps Reiki services, what is their immediate goal? Are they looking for relief? Have they been to some place like this before? Are they looking to learn something from you that they can take home and use themselves? Are they looking to find somebody that they can come to on a regular basis, they could also refer them out. What do their goals look like, what are the clients, the ideal clients of yours, what are they trying to accomplish? What are the behaviors typically of this person? Is your ideal client somebody that is punctual? She attends – she does the homework assignments that you give her, the works that you tell her to do at home. Is she late? Is she not on task? Does she not fulfill the things that you’ve asked her to do? She’s somebody that’s going to need of extra attention. I mean those are important things to think about.

And you might even drill it down to what’s their name, so that when you’re sitting at your desk and you’re drafting a marketing piece, you are able to identify, “This is Mary, she’s a business professional who has some back problems and is looking for some services to help her resolve her that she knows that this is an ongoing thing, and that she is looking to have someone to help keep her accountable, because she frequently gets busy and misses and doesn’t schedule time for herself. So, that might be your ideal client, somebody that needs that extra nudge, but then once you deliver that, it’s going to be with you forever. So, take a minute, write that down and see him or her as you’re writing, and when you’re promoting your products or services and even when you’re creating your business card.

So, let’s jump in to number two, and that was a marketing manifesto, and that was actually a lot of fun for me to put together, I’ve seen them online, but I’ve never recreated one for my business, and I got to tell you, I love them. I think that it’s the greatest, one of the greatest ideas that I’ve implemented in my business, one of the coolest new things. And what it was designed to do is to help me get even more clear about what I do, who I work with and how I do that.

And you can look at a video sample of my marketing manifesto, I posted mine online, it’s MichelleSpalding.com/manifesto. And you’ll see, I found someone on Fivver, I took my marketing manifesto, I shared it with them, I asked them to put it into a short video, where the words will come up, there’s some music and some bubbles. And for me, it’s inspirational. It reminds me of my message, and it helps me get really clear, but it also helps me know what to say, reminds me of what I stand for and what my beliefs are. It’s also helpful for me to recall why I’m doing what it is that I’m doing.

And I’m going to share with you a couple of the lines from the manifesto that really spoke of — and the first one was, “You are worthy.” Each and every one of us has trouble with worthiness from time to time and the beauty of being reminded of this every time I look at this video and every time I look at my manifesto on paper, “You are worthy, I am worthy, we all are worthy,” and it’s a great reminder to us.

One of the second ones on that list was, “Don’t be afraid to apply your spiritual values to your business, it’s your greatest asset.” I’ve talked about this before, it’s one of the things that I speak about a lot, and that’s being authentic, being ourselves in our business and of course in our home life. That means taking our spirituality to the workplace with us, and that means when we show up, we do things in our business that will help us grow our business in a way that’s in alignment with our spirituality. And that means sometimes we pray, we meditate to get clear, to get answers in our business. We look for guidance, we listen to our intuition when making decisions. It’s bringing our spiritual values in to our workplace, and knowing that those are a huge asset to us.

Another one that came up on my marketing manifesto was the reminder that there is no shortage, there is no competition, and there is more than enough for all of us. There is such a negative thing for me in business and that’s this fear of loss, this competitiveness and it almost gets very cutthroat, if you will. And in the goals that we set for ourselves and the advice from business experts out there, “You have to do a certain number of things, you have to pay attention to your competition and see what they’re doing and do it better or steal their web traffic by copying their keywords,” whatever it is, it comes from a fear of loss, and realizing and being reminded on a regular basis that there is no shortage, there is an infinite supply in the universe available to us and all we have to do is tap in to it. There is no competition. Those people, their message that do something even remotely close to you are going to be ideal for someone different than you, and by you being authentic, by you being authentic, by you being genuine, by you being yourself, you will attract people that will love and adore you and refer others. Therefore, there is no competition, and realizing that there is more than enough for each and every one of us just affirms to me that there is no shortage and that there is no competition.

The last one on my list was they want you, not your business card, and this was a reminder that came to me to be present when I’m connecting with a group and to remind my audience to do the very same thing. I went to a networking event long ago as a speaker and there was – the tables were set up in a horse shoe.

And before the meeting started, several women walked around and went to each place setting and left their business cards. Some of them didn’t even get to talk to the person that was sitting in that seat because nobody was there yet or that person was off talking to someone else. They just left their cards. And to me, that’s not what people are looking for. We can all go online and find somebody that does computer repairs or sells widgets or provides legal services. What we’re looking for is someone that we resonate with, that we could do business with, that we could refer people to, that we could get to know.

A lot of networking events, the focus is just on getting leads, getting referrals, sharing information, going home and emailing the crap out of people. The networking events that I love to go to that I promote, that I facilitate are events where you go and you learn who these people are, you learn what they love, what drives them. Can you become a cheerleader for them, a friend to them, an asset to them, and they do the same with you? It’s about building strong relationships.

There are some women in my circle that I met at networking events doing that very same thing ten years ago, and we’re still very, very close. My coach is a matter of fact, the woman I met with just the other day and spent hours with was someone that I met at a networking event 8, 9 years ago. And because we worked on building a relationship together, we’ve been able to refer business back and forth to one another, we’ve worked together on some projects. We refer our clients to each others’ businesses and we share time together outside of our businesses as well.

The last thing that my coach and I chatted about was creating a plan of action. And once we defined who my market was, the message that I was trying to convey, which are all things that I had worked on, but I got to tell you, I’ll sidetrack here really quick before I get in to the plan of action. Having somebody that you can ping ideas off of for a few hours is absolutely very impactful in growing your business, in helping you see things a little more clearly.

If you’ve ever written an email or written a letter or something and gone back later and read it with kind of a new set of eyes after you’ve maybe taking a walk or slept on it for a few days and you see things differently, it’s working with someone that can help you where you’re sharing ideas and she’s seeing things with a different set of eyes, it expedites that whole process. It shaves the learning curve off of things. And having an expert work with you to give you some insight and some information, it’s one of those things that kind of just – it’s really motivating for me. So, I’m going to leave it at that and just tell you.

Number 3 thing that I wanted to share with you today was creating a plan of action. Once I had designed with her the classes that I wanted to hold this year, the coaching clients that I wanted to work with, now it was time for me to put all of that plan of action in to play. And some of the things that we had to talk about was where to find people, how to connect with them, how to grow the list and how to promote that locally as well as globally.

We go to events a lot of times, we listen to podcasts, we read the articles etcetera, and we have so much information in our minds, but without a plan of action, without taking action to implement some of those, we get overwhelmed, we get bombarded, we get bogged down, and we don’t get things done.

So, one of the things when I work with coaching clients and my coach did with me was create a plan of action. Now, we made a really long plan of action. We spent many, many hours together, and this was something that was going to cover most of the year.

When you work one on one with the coach, your coach may give you a plan of action for the next 24 hours, for the next week or the next month depending on how often it is that you meet with your particular coach. One of the things that we talked about was where I was going to find new people to hear my message, new people that might purchase my services or enroll in some of my classes.

And what she meant, what she encouraged me to do was something that I really enjoyed doing and that was getting out and speaking at events both live, online as well as guest appearances on some radio shows. We talked about networking and how important networking was. And many, many years, I spent a lot of time on the road travelling. And I didn’t have a local network base that I connected with on a regular basis. I’m reestablishing that and it really feels good to know that each and every month or week, I’m going to be going some place, I’m going to see the same faces, I’m going to be cheering them on, be holding their hands sometimes, and helping them out, and they’re going to be doing the same for me.

We talked about writing and writing on a regular basis, and writing so that the writing I’m sharing is in alignment with the clients that I want to reach out to as well as the message that I want to relay. And having that marketing manifesto, that manifesto from my message makes it really easy for me to sit down and write a new blog talk, write a new blog entry or a new email to my list. Of course, video so watch for that, that’s going to be coming soon. We’re going to be working on a regular video series where I’ll be taking questions from people and answering them in a video format, 3 or 4 minutes, 6 minutes long from time to time and reaching out to people in a manner where they want that information, but delivered in a concise, easy to digest way. And then of course podcast, continuing the radio show, continuing to share this information both on Blog Talk Radio as well as using this in other mediums.

So, speaking of writing, if you are not already signed up to get my eZine, which I call “A Sprinkle of Fairy Dust” I’d love it if you could just hop over to my website, that’s MichelleSpalding.com, and on the very first page, you are given an opportunity to sign up, to receive that eZine. Again, I send it out weekly, it’s jammed with information that can help you.

It’s absolutely free. In there, you find some tips for your business, some tips for happy living, some tips that can help you maybe save some time, shave some learning in curve if you will off of whatever it is that is going on in your business. So, again, MichellSpalding.com — hop over there, pick up, sign up to receive that and while you’re there, have a look around. There’s lots of information already there. There’s lots of the relevant posts to growing a thriving, soulful business right there on my blog as well as all the episodes of the radio show, Illuminate Together.

So, I’m going to wrap this up today, but I want to just do a real quick review, make sure I bring home some of the points that we covered. Again, in having a thriving soulful business, it’s about being authentic. It’s about being yourself, it’s about being spiritual in your workplace, in your business, and knowing that there are some people that’s going to resonate with and some people that won’t, but that’s okay. Your message will be heard by those that need to hear it and those that need and want your services will refer their friends and colleagues who are just like them.

Of course, you have to identify and get really clear on who your ideal client is. You can’t market to the masses — that’s just not possible. You don’t have enough money to do that, to get really clear on who you are talking to. So, here she thinks you’ve been in their heads when they find you and wonder where you’ve been all their life.

The second we’ve talked about was your marketing manifesto, and I encouraged you to check out my manifesto on my website, MichelleSpalding.com/manifesto, and there you’ll see a copy of my manifesto along with the video showing you what I’m going to look at probably two or three times a week just to keep me on task and to keep my message clear to myself with all the distractions that happen to business as well as to share with people like you. And the last thing was a plan of action, making sure that when you attend an event or when you do listen to a podcast or a radio interview or an audio CD or you work with a coach that you create a plan of action. It’s not just about taking in information — it’s about putting that information into action, in a way that it is in alignment with the type of business or the kind of business that you want.

You’re going to have to stretch with some things that my coach asked me to do that I’m not so sure that I know how to do yet, but I know I will.

This is Michelle Spalding, your fairy godmother signing off for now. Remember, you’re here for a reason. You have something special — totally unique that makes you who you are. The world needs that, so get out there and share it. It’s up to us to be the change we wish to see in the world. Tah tah for now!