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 Our business potential is only limited by the barriers we create ourselves.  Our beliefs either propel us to our personal level of success or they hold us back.  In today’s show Michelle will be sharing some of the training she’s learned as certified trainer of Mike Dooley’s work Infinite Possibilities.  She’s taught this many times to individuals wishing to improve an area or multiple areas of their lives and finds that she also uses it freequently in her soulful business coaching and workshops.

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Hello! Hello, beautiful souls welcome! Continue having me in your collective sphere.  This time of year as I mentioned last week is always – it’s so invigorating, it’s so inspiring and I just can’t – I’m finally two weeks into the new year, but I just can’t stop with the excitement of and the freshness of this new year.

Before I jump in to today’s show which is Infinite Possibilities for the Soulful Entrepreneur, I want to just let you know about something new.  The whole idea behind Illuminate Together and Illuminate Together Radio is bringing together soulful entrepreneurs who are following their passion and hearing their stories so we can all learn from them.

And I am so thrilled to begin interviewing people starting next week.  So, my first guest is going to be Day Enough.  She is in New Orleans and she helps people dissolve the blocks that stops them from achieving their goals, something all of us can absolutely listen to and learn something from.  I am positive.  She is going to share some of her secrets with us and I am super excited to have her on the show.  I put out a message to a very small group of people who I felt were the right people for my audience, the right people that I wanted to talk to, that I wanted to learn from, that I thought people like you who are listening might want to learn from as well.

And I was blown away with the response.  My goal was to have a new guest every week and obviously once I get in to that, bring some back that are favorites, so we can dive deeper in to some of the topics that we’re going to discuss.  And I currently am booked through March with guests on our show.  So, this is really another exciting thing for the New Year.

I’ve also been getting out of my comfort zone and I encourage all of you to do that as well, been getting out and doing a little networking and it’s been really fun.  I made a commitment to myself to attend four events a month, whether those are events I’m hosting which I do host a local group here in central Florida called, “Illuminate Together” or it was going to another one that was a soulful business event and a place where I could connect with other likeminded individuals.

Last night, I met some really cool people at the Holistic Chamber of Commerce here in Orlando.  And I’ll be bringing on some people that I met there later in the upcoming months to chat about what they do, and I’m really excited about that.  So, let’s dive in to today and what we’re talking about and that’s Infinite Possibilities for the Soulful Entrepreneur.

And I got to tell you, as I was getting ready for this, I was making a list of information I wanted to cover, and this list is long and I hope I am able get it all in today’s episode.  If not, I promise I’ll bring this information back and wrap it up in the future.  You’ll also see it on my blog post as well.  Be sure to check it out there.

I’m a certified trainer in Mike Dooley’s Infinite Possibilities material.  And I love his material because it’s deep but it’s easy for me to explain for me to explain to the people that I’ve taught this information to.  And I’ve done two sessions in my home.  I had people come in to my living room.  We sat down and worked through all of the lessons in the book.  There’s eight lessons in the book in the work books.  And I got to tell you the breakthroughs were absolutely phenomenal.

I had one couple that came back after – so like a little reunion after the original class ended in I think around September, August or September.  Anyways, they came back and both of them had lost a significant amount of weight.  Both of them said it was – there was a shift that came to them in the class where they kind of felt invigorated, they felt renewed.  They knew there was something missing and they found it within themselves.

So, I was so excited to be a part of that, and what I have found in the coaching works that I do is much of the material that I cover in that personal class is also totally applicable to my soulful entrepreneur friends.  So, I want to start off reminding you that nothing plays a greater role in how we construct our fortunes or misfortunes than the thought we think.  We are extremely powerful and our thoughts become things.  No matter what thoughts you are thinking now, you have the power to change them.  It’s literally the starting point to creating any type of change that you wish in your life.

Now, to start a change, it must come from within.  It has to – it must exist in a thought in spite of circumstances that presently surround you.  You can’t wait until you have or get or acquire or achieve or meet that goal to be happy.  You have to find happiness now and take that happiness with you, on your journey to achieving, receiving, finding whatever it is that you wish for.

To spark that change as I said a moment ago, it must come from within.  It’s not an outside – there’s no outside force.  It’s all inside.  It’s all our connection to the divine.  And it’s the same in our businesses, if we want something different in our business, we have to think about it differently.  We have to take inspired action in the direction of our goals and tune in to our emotions for guidance.  Our emotions are like a GPS and I’m going to cover those in just a moment.

But if we want things to be different, we have to believe they can be different.  And we have to act as those are different, and we have to take action, inspired action towards getting what is the change that we want.  So, our beliefs create the thoughts and then those thoughts create a reality and we can change our beliefs by simply changing our thoughts, our words and our actions.

Just the other day I was teaching a class and I was asking the students, because they’ve been together now for I guess about five or six weeks, and I asked if they had noticed anything different in the people that they were spending time with because they had this new found information, this new way of thinking and believing that they have been studying.

And both of them said the very same thing that the amount of negative talk they were hearing from people that they didn’t remember hearing before was almost deafening that people that they had been spending time with and conversing with for a long time had now become very obvious to them that they were negative people, that they had negative thoughts.  And it wasn’t that they were bad people, it’s that’s the thought pattern they have.

And because they had been taking this class, studying this information and looking for  a way to improve their selves, their lives and change things in their life, they were now tuned in to the things that they like and didn’t like and it was actually really interesting to hear both, to hear the two students that I had in that class at night talk about the people that they used to hang out with and they still do, but that they feel like, “If that’s what they sound like and I have been spending time with them, my goodness, I must have found it just like that and I didn’t realize it.”

And so, it’s actually just been really exciting and I got to tell you, it’s the same in business.  I was in the real estate business for a very long time and so many people would come and complain about the market and the economy and the lenders and congress and whoever else they could blame something on, but at the very same time, I had so many clients that were just doing what it took each and every day to follow the model that they had believed would work and to work towards their goals, and it wasn’t always easy, but they were achieving that.

And I’ll tell you what, never one of them called me and complained about something that was going on.  They knew things weren’t as easy as they were a few years ago, but they were committed to success, to their own personal level of success.  Their thoughts were creating the experiences that they had.

Now, remember, believing in things, believing in things that you don’t know.  It’s like – remember when we were kids, then we believed in the tooth fairy and Santa and now of course our lives are different and we know that that was something that was not what we thought it was.  It’s the same thing for us.  Our beliefs can change as we evolve, as we grow, as we learn.  Our lives however will not change until we change our belief.

And thankfully, changing our belief is actually as simple as changing our thought.  If our underlying beliefs however are out of alignment with our goals, it’s not going to work.  Our beliefs will prevail and keep us from reaching our dreams and our goals.  And let me give you an example of that.

If you think that the real estate market is hard or the business that you are in is hard or if you think that the society is not going to accept your art or your unique talents or a service that you are trying to provide, yet you are out there marketing and hustling at or you think that rich people are mean and that spiritual people shouldn’t have money, no matter how hard you work, you’re not going to have those things because you have this underlying belief that the market is hard, that people won’t buy from you, that your product is isn’t worthy of a higher price tag.

So, we have to work on our belief before we take action.  And the cool part is we have the power to instill new and empowering belief.  We can create a new experience, new beliefs by changing our thoughts.  And here are some simple steps I want to give you to do that.

First, choose beliefs that serve your life.  Pick something that’s going to serve the life that you want.  Claim those beliefs through your thoughts and your words, that’s where an affirmation comes in.  I’ve got a lovely calendar on my desk from Hey House, the ‘I Can Do It’ calendar.  And there’s a daily affirmation on that calendar, and today happens to say, “I have the power to create all that I wish with my mind and my thoughts.”

And what a poignant message for today’s show.  I have the power to create all that I wish with my mind and my thoughts.  So, claim those beliefs through your thoughts and your words and then ask if it’s true each and every day.

As I was beginning my radio show, and trying to reach out to guests, I didn’t have it all together.  I started talking to people about it before I even had the email with the information I was going to need from them, but I started down that path and I knew that I could pull it together.  I knew that I had the information; I just needed to compile it into a consistent or a clear email, so that my future guests could respond and give me the information necessary to help them have the best show possible with that.

So, we know whether we’re on the right part or not by tuning in to our emotions and it’s like the GPS.  And it’s our guidance system.  And our emotions, they don’t create, but they are our guidance or our indicator of whether the thoughts or the beliefs we’re thinking have us on the path to where we want to go or have us on another path that might not be where we want to go.

Suppressing our emotions is like ignoring the smell of smoke in your home.  And if we do that, after a while, bad things could happen.  I was using the example the other day of things could start piling up and we start talking of tucking those emotions behind the chair, behind the sofas, sticking them in the closet, and then one day, something sets us off, and that’s never a good thing.  Emotions are our friends.

So, our instincts and our hunches is something that comes to us from a higher self.  Our dreams and desires are windows to the future, and we all have an inner sense that guides us.

When we tap in to our instincts and our hunches, and we use those to make decisions, our emotions then guide us and let us know if we’re making the right decisions and allow us to kind of course correct.  Our instincts and hunches originate from outside of our normal awareness.  They’re not outside of our selves per se.  They’re actually really within us, independent of the physical world they live in, that we live in.

They are a form of direct knowing, and they generally appear when we least expect it.  I just didn’t the other day that was telling me the story of looking for a job and she’s been looking for a job off and on for a while and she was on the highway or on a road and looked up as she was just saying to herself, “When I get home, I’m going to get serious about looking for work, and she looked up and on the back of the van with a phone number to a staffing agency and she said, “Okay, I got it universe.  That’s who I need to call.”

So, she did, she looked on their website, fast forward, two weeks later, she’s working at a great company in a position that suites her.  She had an instinct – she saw a message and she acted on that and that lead her to the position that she has.  Now, we can train ourselves of course to seek them out and to get the wisdom from that they can offer us from the higher source.  And those things come to us from prayer and meditation and also getting quiet and listening.

So, often, we’re so busy doing and so focused on making sure that we cross everything off our list and we meet everyone else’s needs that we sometimes are guilty of forgetting to stop, listen, tune in and ask for guidance, or one of my favorites is, we ask for it and then we ran off and do something.  We don’t take the time to listen and that’s for meditation and just getting quiet can help us out and it helps us out in our personal life, but I got to tell you friends, it also helps us out in our business.

When you have a decision to make, when you need assistance in your business, ask and then keep quiet and listen.  And now, when we’re babies, we instinctively kind of know the right thing to do, and I always laugh, I always loved to use this example and everybody always laughs at me when I use it in class, but if you think about it, as babies, we come in to this world with a sense of knowing and it’s not just kind of a spiritual sense of knowing if you will, but it’s a sense knowing on our needs and how to make those and how to get those needs and also a sense of what’s next in a natural progression for us.

For instance, we teach ourselves to sit up.  I mean our parents don’t most of the time practice with us, we just one day do it, they applaud and it feels good to us and we move forward and the next you know, we’re rocking on our knees and that feels good and we move forward and then we’re walking and talking and one day we go to school and we’re told you have to do these things instead of course following our instincts.

So, sadly, most societies unfortunately believe that this knowing, this instinct like I was talking about as a child of the instinct that we can tap in to now, sadly most societies believe that knowing unless we can prove it or learn it from an outside source, a source outside of our self.  They want to know – there has to be logic in it.  I stuck with say it has to be logical.  And I remember when I first started my first business and I was young and naïve and on fire, I really didn’t know how I was going to – how it was to be done, let alone how I was going to do it, but I kept trying each and every day.

Just like that baby, I let my instincts guide me and I didn’t always listen to my instincts, but when I did, I had success.  And creative thinking comes from a person’s ability to suspend his or her reliance on rational thinking or just as I mentioned a moment ago, a spark says logic.

Creative thinking is coming to us directly from divine intelligence.  We all have the ability to think creatively and or to tap in to it and many of us however don’t allow ourselves, but that’s something that it absolutely takes to run a business.  You got to be creative.  You got to be innovative and you have to ask for some help outside of maybe what it is that you have around you.

So, when we’re going about creating major life changes in our lives, in our businesses, action is mandatory, and I know I started off this show by saying thoughts become things and that’s absolutely so, but you got to align with what the universe is sending your way.  You got rendezvous with it, and it’s not usually going to come and sit on you couch and in your credit card and say, “Here I am, the new customer you’ve been wanting.  Here is my credit card I’ll buy whatever it is that you’re selling.

It just doesn’t happen that way friends.  You got to go to places where your ideal customer is, and you got to be your authentic self.  And I’ve talked about this before and I’ll talk about this until I can’t talk anymore, we must always be our authentic self.  We can’t pretend to be something else in our business.

You of course don’t have to know how your dreams are going to come true, you just have to have a dream and have faith and then everyday take inspired actions.  And by taking inspired actions, you’re actually creating infinite possibilities.

And like I said a moment ago, action is mandatory, it’s not a, “Yeah, today, I’ll take action, maybe I won’t, maybe I will.” You got to take action.  And it’s like the GPS I mentioned earlier.  You program the end result and you take action, by putting the car into drive and pointing it in the right direction.  So, let me walk you through that.

Step one would be to give the systems your destination, that’s the end result.  Step 2, using your GPS, you would put your car into gear and you would physically go, that’s the taking action.  And of course, step 3 is having patience and understanding that the miracles of progress are often invisible and that’s faith.  You wouldn’t get in your car and leave your house and have a destination several hundred miles away, get halfway there and say, “It’s just not going to happen.  I’m not going to make it.” Of course you wouldn’t and it’s no different in whatever you are trying to accomplish of in your dream.

If you see the end result and daily take action and have faith, you will accomplish it.  Of course it begins with baby steps, baby steps towards your goal, action steps  are actually belief in motion.  And I’ve mentioned this already, but you don’t have to know how a dream is going to come true, it’s not up to us.  You just need to show up daily.  New doors are constantly opening and will continue to open.

Now, it’s not about taking massive action or thinking that while I walk three miles today, if I want to lose weight faster, I’ll just walk thirty miles which is ten times faster, ten times more, it just doesn’t work that way.  And I am sure you will agree this is going to cause setbacks from a physical stand point of view.

If you try to do that, you’re going to be exhausted, you’re going to be soar, you’re going to be miserable, and it’s just not going to work, and that’s the same in our business.  We take planned action.  We take inspired actions, but massive action, it’s just not going to cut it.

You can’t like mail out ten thousand flyers on January first and say, “That’s enough for the year,” because what happens if all those people tried to buy from you, could you deliver it? More than likely not if you’re a small business or a new business.  So, I’m going to wrap things up really soon because this time just has flown by, but I want to remind you that life is an adventure in learning and in happiness and so is our business, that the meaning or purpose of life is to simply live it.  It’s to enjoy it and embrace it and our business should be something that we enjoy as well.

Success boils down to vision, belief and attraction.  We all have a unique version of success.  Do me a favor, stop listening to others for what it is that is success.  Trust your instincts.  Listen to yourself.  Find out what is success for you.  We’ll leave you with a reminder here, worry causes stress, anxiety wrinkles from guilt, frustration and the list goes on and on.

Worry also takes up a lot of our valuable time and energy.  It takes a lot of energy to run a business.  It takes a lot of energy to give it everything that you have and make sure that your obligations are met and that you’re personally taking care of.  And if we waste our energy on worry, it puts us off track.

It is entirely up to us to choose whether we want to worry or whether we want to be happy.  When you’re shopping at a store, you wouldn’t want to go shopping and shop with people that were miserable and you wouldn’t want your customers to do the very same thing.  So, the easiest way to go, the easiest way for you to think about this is to go with what feels good, with what your intuition is telling you is the next right step.

Each day, take the time to stop and listen.  There are so many things that we are told to do, meditate pray, journal, walk, think positive, eat right, etc.  All of those things are great and helpful absolutely, but I believe all that we actually have to do is be happy, be a source of love for our self and others, be a source of love for others, be a bright shining light for the world.

I want to just kind of recap on a few things that I touched on this afternoon.  Thoughts become things.  Taking inspired actions will lead to the results, the success that you’re wanting in life, that being your authentic spiritual, soulful self in your home and in your business is absolutely mandatory.  You can’t leave your spirituality at home and expect to attract clients that you resonate with.  You have to be yourself.

And there is absolutely nothing that we really need to worry about.  And like I said, just a moment ago, it takes up valuable time and energy and puts us off track, so get on track, adjust your thoughts, work on your belief, create some empowering belief statements for yourself and focus on applying those to your business.

Next week, like I mentioned earlier, we’re going to be talking to Gaia.  She’s a soulful entrepreneur from New Orleans and she’s going to tell us how we can dissolve some of those blocks that are preventing us from reaching our reaching our dreams.  And many of the things that I’ve talked about here today, she has some physical things that we can do to instill those new beliefs, lessons faster.  So, I include you to check this out next week.

Now, if you’d like to be a guest on my show, I’d love to have you, just visit my website at and use the contact page there, and I promise that I will get back in touch with you.

As we wrap up today, this quick thirty minutes, I’m always amazed at how fast the time flies.  I want to give a shout out really quickly to Tommy, Happy Birthday! Saturday is his birthday.  And I’m going to go ahead and just sign off for today.  This is Michelle Spalding, your fairy godmother reminding you that you are here for a reason, that you have something special and totally unique that makes you exactly who you are and the world needs that, so get out there and share it.  It’s up to you to be the change that you wish to see in the world.  Tah tah for now.  Make it a great day.