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Imagine a place to go where you can learn ideas to help you grow your business in alignment with your personal beliefs.  Where you can learn from experts, hear their stories and become inspired.  A place where your questions are answered and your opinion counts.  A place where conscious business leaders gather to learn from each other and shine their lights together to change the world for the better

Well imagine not more, Illuminate Together Radio is the place and then some.  Here your host and Fairy Godmother Michelle Spalding will share with you weekly how to have the business and life of your dreams.

She’ll teach you how to blend creativity, inspiration, passion and adventure into a profitable and fulfilling business.

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 On your mark! Get set! Shine!

Welcome to Illuminate Together Radio, the place where inspiration, creativity, passion and adventure connect on the airwaves to help you create the life and business of your dream.

Here is your host and Fairy Godmother, Michelle Spalding.

Hello! Hello! Hello! Good afternoon to you. I’m very excited to be here this afternoon.  I got a lot of information to share with you, a lot of things that I want to make sure that I cover.  I got a nice list sitting right here on my desk and I’m really excited to have you listening to this, whether you’re listening to it live or at some point in the future, welcome.

First, I want to tell you a little bit about who I am, why I’m doing this crazy thing called blog talk radio and a little bit more about Illuminate Together.  Before I start that, I just want to tell you that I truly believe in the power of bringing people together and creating something – co-creating something and that’s really and truly what this show’s all about.  But my name again is Michelle and I am a fairy godmother.

Now, before you roll your eyes and wonder what a fairy godmother is and what makes me think that I am one, let’s take a step back and look at what a fairy godmother is and how a fairy godmother works.

So, if you’ll remember with me the story of Cinderella, when Cinderella needed some help getting to the ball, getting away from the evil step-family that she was living with, the fairy godmother came in and she didn’t roll up and toss Cinderella a dress and then loan her, her limousine or anything.  She tapped into something that was inside Cinderella, things that she already had that she just didn’t realize that she had and brought those to life and helped her with confidence in getting to the ball and getting what she wanted.  And that’s what I love to do with people.

So, often we’re bombarded with information and, “Do this” and “Do that.”  Truth be told, most of us really have a good idea of what needs to be done and  we know within our hearts what we’re capable of and what we want to do but  we get so much outside information, so many things distracting us that we get lost.

So, my job as a fairy godmother, here on this show and in my coaching and consulting business is really and truly to help people get quiet, to help them tap in to what’s inside of them and to blend creativity, passion, inspiration and adventure to create the life of their dreams.

What I do is help people find that passion, follow their bliss and really create businesses that are soulful businesses.  And I wanted to tell you as I get started here, how I got into this and became the fairy godmother and became this person that has this huge passion for helping people really and truly follow their dreams and get what they want.

I didn’t wake up one day and think that this was the path I wanted to take.  It was an evolution.  It was a lot of reading.  It was a lot of studying.  It was a lot of trial and error.  And one of these things that I love to do is to share with my clients some of the mistakes that I’ve made, and we will be talking about those as we go through the show today and on down the road.

So, about nine years ago, I created a business, I started that business because quite honestly I didn’t like where I worked.  The work that I was doing while I enjoyed it for the most part, it was tolerable, it was easy, I was really good at it, paid very well just didn’t fit my personality.  It didn’t allow me to really and truly shine as often as I felt that I wanted to.

And I wasn’t so sure that the people that I worked with were in alignment with my belief and the things that I like.  So, I started coming up with some ideas on a business.  And I stumbled upon an idea that I felt was a great idea.  And I was scared to start it on my own.  I was so scared that I put together a proposal and did a lot of research and really and truly laid out this great idea on a business that I felt would work with the firm that I was working for that would help us increase traffic, increase business that would help us to provide a better service that would give us kind of an edge in the market place.

I thought it was a great idea.  It sounded good, it looked excellent on paper.  And again, even though I didn’t like where I was, I thought changing the world that I had would help me shine, would help me feel better, would make it so that I really liked what I was doing.

So, fast forward to a couple of months of research, a couple of months of laying things out, I go in and  I meet with the attorney that I worked directly for.  And I’ve known him at that point for many years.  And I scheduled this big meeting with him and cleared his schedule to make sure that we had plenty of time to dive in to this.  And I started telling my story.  I started explaining to him why I thought this was helpful, what I thought this was going to do for the practice, what we were going to be able to offer, etc.

In about, three minutes in, he said, “No,” and my heart sank, I just had spent the last couple of months putting together research and information and nowhere in preparing for this meeting did I ever think he would say no.  I was shocked.

But I gathered my information and put my tail between my legs and slinked back to my desk.  And it took me a few weeks to kind of gather the funks that that put me in.  Like I said, I did not think that he was going to say no.  It just didn’t occur to me that he was going to say no.  But I just couldn’t let go of this spectacular idea that I had.  I just couldn’t turn off the idea of breaking free from where I was.

And with him telling me, “No,” I decided to launch it on my own.  Now of course, looking back, I am so hugely thankful that he said, “No.”  Had he said, “Yes,” I know I probably wouldn’t be where I’m at today.  I wouldn’t be in the position where I’m at.  I would’ve more than likely left that and started something entirely different because part of what I didn’t like was working with him.  And not him personally, but just things about him, and the firm and the practice, etc.

The person I worked for was a good guy at heart, but it just wasn’t for me.  So, I started this business.  And when I started this business that I was in and I still have for many years, the business – I went from working for somebody for a very long time, working a lot of hours, to working for myself for a very long time and working a lot of hours.  And it didn’t take me too long to decide that I didn’t like that either.  I was working seventy hours a week, not making as much money as I was at the firm because my business was still new and I was in charge of doing it all, marketing, sales.  I was in charge of website and making sure that the programs were working and the phones and all the technology and all of the infrastructure.

And I didn’t just go home at nine o’clock at night and turn off.  I mean I was constantly on thinking about this business, how I was going to make it grow.  And where was that freedom that I was looking for when I decided that I wanted to go in to business.  After all, part of the reason that I had left was not just personality conflicts, it was because the position that I had didn’t give me any flexibility and freedom.  I had appointments all day long and commitments and I couldn’t just leave and go have lunch with my kids and I thought being on my own, I was going to have this just wonderful freedom and unfortunately, I didn’t.

But what I did have was the ability to change that.  When I worked at the firm, I had to answer to somebody else.  But when I worked for myself, I answered to myself.  And what I was able to do was to stop, evaluate what it was I liked in my business, what it was that I didn’t like in my business, and then make a plan to transform what I have into something that I enjoyed, into something that gave me the freedom to do things that I wanted to do.

Now, I don’t sit on the beach, eat bon bons, have drinks brought to me by hot cabana boys and do nothing.  That’s not where I’m going with this and scratch that idea from your mind if you think we’re heading down that path.  It might be possible but it’s not what I’m talking about in this conversation.

What I’m talking about is the ability to control what it is that you do in a day.  One thing in my life right now is I love to take walks right before lunch, to get out after I’ve worked for a few hours and get out, walk, come back, have lunch and then work the rest of my day.  I couldn’t have done that when I worked at the firm.  But because I work from home, I could do that, because I’ve created a way within my schedule that allows me to do that, I can make that happen.  That’s the kind of freedom that I’m talking about.

And what it took was creating systems, leveraging my time and hiring some virtual assistants and bringing people in and having them help you with your business is something that I am extremely passionate about.  It allows us to follow our dreams.  It allows us to do the things that only we can do.  I love to say, “Do what you love and delegate the rest.” Life is too short to have bad jobs, bad relationships, living in places that we don’t like, eat food that doesn’t satisfy us.  So, stop doing the things that you don’t like and you’ll have more time to do the things that you like.

In business, in order for you to set up to stay, you have to be unique.  You have to differentiate yourself from the competition and we’ve all got competition, but you have to be unique.  You have to differentiate yourself, not with a brand, not with a sassy logo, not with a cool catch line, but you have to be different.

And if you don’t make the time to focus on building that uniqueness, sharing that with other people and really and truly polishing that and of course sharing those gifts and talents that you have with others, then your competition will seize those opportunities, and not even in a malicious way.  It’s just naturally going to happen.

If you were sitting in front of your computer because you are the one-man shop like I was when I started and you’re working on your website or you’re developing a logo or creating a flyer or whatever it is, that’s not the highest and best use of your time and talents, then that’s less time that you have to give those things to other people.

And not only that, at the end of the day, you’re frustrated, you’re angry.  I can tell you from personal experience.  You go from being this person who was just in love with your business.  It was something new.  It was something totally cool. To something that you hate because this commitment that you’ve made to it is one that doesn’t kind of give back the way that you thought it was going to.  It becomes kind of one sided.

What happens with a lot of people that I’ve worked with and that I’ve connected with over the years is that it’s kind of like that wheel in the hamster cage or the gerbil cage, the little hamster gets on it or the gerbil gets on it and it just spins and spins and spins.  He never goes anywhere, but he keeps doing it.

And where I’m going with all of this is that there comes a point, very early in the business where you have to decide what it is that you are going to do and what needs to be done and how you can have people help you do the things that don’t allow you to maximize your time on the gift that you have and sharing those with other people.

When I first started my business, I used to be really excited that I was the person that created my website, like that was like a badge of honor or something.

And I got compliments on the website, so of course it boosted my confidence and my ego and so forth, but the time that I spent, and I will not tell you how many hours, but it’s a very large number.

The time that I spent working on that website, was time that I could’ve spent hanging out with my family, were times that I could’ve spent doing other things in my business.  Maybe it was time that I could have spent lying on the beach, eating bon bons and having cabana boys bring me cold drinks.

What I’m getting at is a business should be something that serves you, not the other way around.  And my primary focus was this work that I do is helping people really ignite their dreams and follow their passion.  And part of what that’s going to take is stopping, doing things that you’re not really that great at and that you don’t really need to improve on.

So, what I want to talk about in the next few moments is some goals that I have for this show.  Each week I am going to be here.  No matter where I’m at, I love to travel, but there’s going to be times I’m going to skip out of the conference and go to my hotel room and do this show because it’s that important to me.  There’s going to be times when I’m going to be looking at my travel schedule and I’m going to have to say, “No, I can’t take my flight because I have a radio show to do.” So, I’m going to be here every week and I hope you will too.

I’m also going to be bringing in some people who are experts.  I love to interview people.  I love to learn about them, what makes them tick, what they used as inspiration to get to where they are because their stories inspire me, and I know they inspire others and that’s the kind of information that I want to bring to this show.  Some ideas from others that maybe we can implement in our business or into our lives that can really help us shine.

The idea behind Illuminate together is I believe within each and every one of us is a light.  And that light can do only so much by itself and when we bring other people together, our light and their lights shine.  Our lights become this huge glow that I believe will change the world.  It’s by meeting with other people that are like-minded, learning new things from them, working with them, sharing ideas, sharing resources.  There’s plenty of business out there.

There’s no need to hoard what you have.  Share the information you have.  It’s going to come back to you thankful and that’s what this show is all about.  We’re going to have inspiring people who are actually having fun, living their dreams, finding whatever it was that got them from wishing for this business, this life that they have to actually living it.

And we’ll dissect their stories and listen to how they did that.  And like I said earlier, what makes them tick so that we can learn from them and hopefully incorporate some of that into our lives.  We’re going to talk to some creative folks who can help us with budget friendly soulful business and marketing strategies.

There’s so much out there now.  I mean nine years ago, when I started my business, there was no Facebook.  There was no Twitter.  Websites were hard to make.  Now, they’re so simple that we can easily hire people to do them for us very cost effectively.  And with the internet the way that it is and all the ability for information to be out there, we have to remember we have to be creative as well to catch people’s attention and  to make sure that we connect with them on a soulful level.

So, we’re going to talk about some creative things that we can do.  We’re going to bring in some really smart creative folks who understand what’s going on in business and that can help us grow our businesses.

And then, like I said earlier, I’ll also spend quite a bit of time reminding you one of my favorites and that’s doing what you love and of course delegating the rest.  Now, as I go down that path, I know that many of you have heard about delegating and of course getting help.

But, so often we get stuck.  I know personally that happened to me in my business.  I know I had to delegate some things and there were times I would bring somebody in and give them the task to do and then give them some more tasks.  For me, at one point and I know that I’m not alone because a lot of people that I coach and teach tell me this, that they felt like they spent a lot of time making work for this person rather than this person that they brought in or that they hired to help them coming in being able to step into a role and being able to shine and take that task or those tasks that needed to be done.

And one of them, the employer, the business owner, the person like myself in the past spent a lot of time making up work.  And it was because I wasn’t organized and that’s normally what happens when I meet with people.  They aren’t organized.  They’re not ready.  They know they need help, but they haven’t set the foundation.

And it’s something that we need to do.  It’s something that takes time. It takes effort. It’s like a habit.

You have to develop it.  But I will tell you once you have in place people that can handle certain tasks in your business, once you have in place a team that you trust, your business will shine, your life will transform and you will have an immense amount of time to share your gifts.

One of the things that I want to just make sure that I impart with you is that you don’t have to do it alone.  Illuminate Together on the radio and Illuminate Together meet-up groups in Central Florida are here to help you.

And part of what we’re doing in the radio, both in some soulful  parts in our networking opportunities as well as some workshops, is bringing together resources, bringing together information, bringing together sometimes just a hug to help you know that you’re not alone.  You don’t have to do this alone.  And most great businesses weren’t built alone and yours doesn’t have to be either.

Whether you want to have a small business, you want to be out, you’re a writer, you’re a Reiki practitioner, you’re a health coach.  Whatever it is that you do, you want to be able to focus on spending as much time as possible doing that and that’s what I’m here for.  I’m here to help you to develop the confidence that it takes to let go of some of those things in your business that are very important but that you don’t have to do.

And again, to bring together people that can help you, to bring together other people just like you that you can co-create with, that you can collaborate with, that you can maybe do things together, events, workshops, etc. One more way that we can all do our part to totally transform the world.

So, that is kind of me in the nutshell, so with one business working on getting out there and sharing this message with you and with everybody else that will listen to me. I’m a mom.  I’ve got three kids.  Two of them are still at home, one’s out on his own, but even him, they keep me busy. I’ve got a partner who I love and adore and I help him with his business as well.  So, all of those things just like you have going on in your life, I have as well.

But in addition to that, because I have made it a priority to do what I love and delegate the rest, I also have time for this very thing that we’re doing right here. A radio show.  I have time to attend events, to go on vacation, to see my friends, to have lunch with the girls from time to time, to attend concerts, because I’m sharing my gift with as many people as I possibly can, as often and frequently as I can and letting other people do many of the things that like I said, I’m not so great at.

So, that’s the premise behind this show.  That’s where I’m coming from.  And together, we’re going to illuminate and we’re going to shine.  So, I want to just close out here by thanking you for listening to me for the last few minutes.

It’s amazing how quickly the time goes by.  Over the next few weeks, we’re going to be bringing in some experts.  In addition to that, we’re going to have some live callers.  I’m going to be answering your questions about how you’re able to implement some of the stuff into your business and your life, what’s the easiest and simplest way to get started.

Even if you don’t have a business yet, now you can make what it is that you like to do into a business. All of the things and then some we’re going to be covering each and every week.  This is something that I’m extremely passionate about and I’m really excited I get to share with you.

So, without further adieu, we’re going to wind this down.  I can be found anytime online at  You’ll of course see that on the channel page on Blog Talk Radio.  I’ll be back here this time next week.  All of my shows will be available for download.  They’re also going to be on iTunes very soon, so you can pick them up there and listen to them in at a time that’s convenient for you even if you can’t be on the air with me.

If you happen to be in central Florida, whether it’s now or any time in the future, be sure that you connect with me.  Again, on Facebook,, my website or twitter @MDSpalding.  You can also send me a message right here through this show.

I do look forward to helping you.  I do look forward to being of service to you.  I look forward to hopefully meeting with you one day soon.  In the meantime, once again thank you so much for being a part of my inaugural show.  I do look forward to future shows and to future events together.

Thanks you so much and have a blessed, beautiful day.  Tah tah for now.

Your Fairy Godmother,  Michelle Spalding

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