Happy Halloween | October 2010

Personally I absolutely adore Halloween, for me; it’s more for the creativeness than the creepiness.  I’m not into scary vampires, ghosts or any of that stuff.  I’m more Mickey’s Halloween Party than Universal Studio’s Halloween Horror Nights. For the record, I always ride the Haunted Mansion at least twice while I’m at the Magic Kingdom.  It’s not scary; it’s good Disney fun and totally creative.  Just leave me out of the dark, creepiness of Halloween, it’s not my thing.

What I love the most is the creativeness and playfulness that comes alive when people who are generally pretty reserved put on a costume.  It thrills me to see them step outside of what is their “normal” and have a little fun being someone different..
Halloween like anything else in our lives doesn’t have to be dark, sad or scary.  It’s what we make of it or where we focus that enables us to have the experience we desire.Halloween. Real estate in a down market- stay positive

Here’s a great quote that sums that up:
“Do not anticipate trouble, or worry about what may never happen. Keep in the sunlight.” Benjamin Franklin

The very next time someone tries to scare you because you’re in the real estate business, about the “market”, don’t join their “doom and gloom parade” just focus on your success, work smarter, enjoy life and most of all keep shining.