Hi Beautiful
yes you. 🙂

How would winning the lottery feel? Awesome right?

Sure most of us would agree, a large pile of dough would sure brighten our day and even the day of those we know and love. Yet we also have seen that most winners aren’t any happier a year or so later than they were before they won.

So if that’s the case then why?

“Tis Nothing Good Or Bad
Just Thinking That Makes It So”
William Shakespeare

Truth be told, happiness is self induced.  We’re either happy or not, it’s a choice.

There is even scientific evidence to support this, check out the TED video below by Dan Gilbert titled The Surprising Science of Happiness.

It’s not what’s happening in the business world  or the stock market that makes people happy or not, it’s how individually we react to situations.

Many years ago I took a call in my real estate business and answered the call in my normal chipper voice.  Sure business was slow and I was worried but it would not have done me or the caller any good tflowero relay that in my voice.  Needless to say the caller disagreed and ask if my chipper voice meant I’d won the lottery.  Without skipping a beat I told him “nope, but I had his name and number thanks to caller ID and would let him know the moment I did”.  I sure hope that this man has found a way to be happy and realized that his entire existence isn’t based upon his work, there is soooooo much more to a person and their HAPPINESS than how they make a living.

Speaking of happiness, there’s a great movie titled Happy which is available on Netflix and also on DVD from Amazon.  www.TheHappyMovie.com

Life doesn’t always give us what we want, it’s not all roses and sunshine that’s for sure.  Thankfully with happiness we’re individually able “to be or not to be”.

This week I join me in simply choosing happiness.  Share it, spread it and enjoy it.

Sincerely and Happily,

Michelle Spalding

Fairy Godmother

P.S. – While I can’t help you win the lottery, even thought I wish I could, I can help you create the business of your dreams.  If you’d like help, please click here to schedule a complimentary Soulful Business Breakthrough Discovery Session.


The Surprising Science of Happiness



Free with Prime from Amazon or rent for just $2.99.  I picked up a used DVD from Amazon for less than $7.00.


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