I Believe
I believe within all of us is a desire for absolute freedom. We want freedom from worry, debt, bad relationships, awful bosses, ugly shoes, traffic and bad hair days. Freedom to do as we want, live where we like, to build the life we desire, with a person that rocks our world and a career that is fulfilling. At times and in situations this desire burns brighter than at others. I believe that we must fuel this fire, not hide it to “conform” to fit into the mainstream life around us. I believe that sometimes we need a little help along the way to fuel our fire and that together our fires burn brighter than when we are alone.

I believe that sometimes it only takes one small spark to relight a person’s passion and allow them to propel themselves to jump onto the path to living the life they want.

i believeThat spark could be a conversation with a friend, a movie, a book or a workshop. Other times it takes several gentle or even giant whacks to get our attention and refocused on what we want, not what we don’t want. This whack sometimes comes to us in the form of a loss perhaps a family member, friend or the loss of a relationship or a job. There is always within us a nudge, small voice or inner guidance, that is helping us navigate this thing we call life. I know that sometimes we suppress that little voice only to find out later we should have listened.  I call that the “School of Hard Knocks and I have personally earned several upper-level degrees from that not so prestigious school.


There are no guarantees, sometimes life is messy, things don’t always go as we’d hoped or planned. Yet I believe that with a focus on our burning desire, the situations messy as they may be, will only help make us into a better person, they will provide lessons to help us create our ideal future.

I wholeheartedly believe that love always wins.

I can say for sure is, that many messy situations aren’t unique and do not need to be learned first-hand. That if we have a guide that has been there before who will help show us the way we can save ourselves lots of frustration and time. And that having help or support doesn’t make us weak, in fact it helps us accomplish even more in life.


Growing up I recall watching TV shows that portrayed women with special powers they could use to transform them into other things, places or those around them. Honestly, I think we all have special powers, some of us simply don’t tap into them as frequently as others. Yet when we do “Look Out World”, we are unstoppable!


Remember Samantha on Bewitched?  With just the wrinkle of her nose life around her wasyouve got this transformed. Or about Jeanie from I dream of Jeanie, with the crossing of her arms and the nodding of her head, BAM! life was different. Well, within each of us is the same power, to transform situations we don’t like into ones we do want. We have the ability to transform our finances, our relationships and even the traffic we so despise into what we want. I believe that just like Samantha and Jeanie that with a little twitching, nodding and some serious focus, we can truly have or be anything we truly desire.


While I do believe much of life’s lessons are inner work, I don’t believe that we have to take those lessons or experience them alone.


It would truly be my honor to see you create the life and business you want, please let me know what you need to make your dreams come true.




Best Wishes,
 michelle sign



Michelle Spalding
Fairy Godmother