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It wasn’t my best and I knew it…….{A Sprinkle of Fairy Dust}

A Sprinkle of Fairy Dust
The ezine dedicated to bring you inspiration, innovation and fun

A few weeks ago I was the main speaker on a tele-seminar where I was invited to share with the group something I’m really passionate about, which is creating a business that allows me to focus on what I’m great at and having others, especially virtual assistants, help me with the rest.  It’s something I’ve done in my business and coached others to do since 2005.

The tele-seminar was at 9:00 pm, which for me is pretty late.  As the call started there was something wrong, I felt off, the room was warm and dim and I felt flush, almost feverish.  What was wrong? What was going on? Why was this happening?

As it went on I felt worse and worse about my performance which only raised the anxiety and awful feelings I was facing.  After the call I got a few emails thanking me and positive feedback, but I wasn’t feeling it.

All night long and most of the next day I wished I could have taken back that time and done it over. I kept thinking of things I should have said differently and the things I forgot to say.

Then I realized I was doing no one, not me or anyone else, any good by fretting over the imperfect presentation.  I’d done the best I could at a time of evening when I’m normally winding down.  I’d delivered some good information and while I may have left out a few things and rambled, the overall message was there….”do what you love and delegate the rest.”

Perfection is a myth!  While we all know this, I teach this and yet as a human sometimes I slip into an old habit of beating myself up when things don’t go perfect.  Years ago I might have still been fretting over this weeks or months later.   Thankfully I recognized in myself an old pattern of thought which no longer serves me and I did something to change it.  I went for a walk, I made peace with my performance and vowed to limit the number of calls I’m on at that time a night.

As a soulful entrepreneur, your focus is on helping people and giving from a place deep within, and that when you’re not your best like me, you worry that you’re not being as helpful as you wanted.  Here’s the deal; with each person you encounter, whether it’s through a phone call, an email, a post on social media or even our blog, you’re helping people when you’re being your authentic self.  Authenticity is not perfection; it’s about being open, vulnerable, honest and genuine.

Keep doing what you’re doing, keep sharing your message and doing your best to help the world in a soulful authentic way.  You’ll have great days and you’ll likely have not so perfect days, best of all is by doing what you love daily and sharing it, you’ll touch someone and they will be grateful for it.

Here’s to imperfection, messy hair, living life and having fun.
All the best,

Michelle Spalding

Fairy Godmother
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