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Making Your Marketing Memorable

Making Your Marketing Memorable


Are you guilty of being……………boring?!?!Are you guilty of being.......boring?!?1?

Each month I get several postcards in my mail box from local Realtors who have sold or listed a house nearby, and they all look the same. Same boring card, same boring photos of them and the house, same, call me I’m the best, refer me, yadda, yadda, yadda. Nothing unique, nothing special, nothing memorable. Each of them go in the recycling bin, because there is nothing interesting enough to compel me to keep it or pass it on. Please tell me you’re not one of these folks……..please.

The only thing the postcard is doing is making an announcement of neighborhood activity. However since I haven’t raised my hand and said I’m interested in this information or signed up to receive such it’s a waste of hard earned marketing dollars, as I’m not the target they are looking for.

So while I’m not a marketing genius, I do study a few. Each of them offers similar advice on making the best of the marketing dollars we’re spending:

1. Know who your targeting
2. Be unique
3. Be personable
4. Make it fun
5. Have a (real) call to action

Most marketing experts agree that connecting with your recent clients and sphere of influence is one of the fastest and most beneficial ways to increase business.

Mass mailing people who you don’t know or who aren’t interested is expensive. Targeted direct marketing is effective and far less costly. Sure the per piece cost may be more than a bunch of boring post cards, but you’re sending out far less and only to people who are the most likely to take action.

The biggest response I ever received from a mailing was the postcards I sent from Phukett, Thailand in early 2011. Everyone who I heard from was surprised by it and it did exactly what I wanted it to, it let them know I was thinking of them, even while on vacation on the other side of the world!

Dust off last year’s list of closings, reach out to each of them, add it to your calendar to do consistently and watch 2012, be a great year for you and your business.

Here’s a fun example I couldn’t resist passing along. Rather than sending the same old thank you after the closing letter, send one addressed to the dog, cat, hamster, fish, bird or other household pet.

Monkey the CatDear Fido,

I hope you’re enjoying your new home with Mr. and Ms. Buyer. Thanks for letting me work with them. Please tell them the local dog park is located at__________ and my favorite bakery is ________. That if they’d like to find out about, blah, blah…….

You get the picture.

Add some personality, have fun with your copy, you’ll be remembered and that’s what effective marketing is all about.

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