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Recently I came across a post in a Facebook group I’m a part of by a very frazzled life coach.  It seemed that technology and the whole “online thing” was stressing her out, to say the least.  She was struggling with creating an eZine with MailChimp and said she’d spent the last 2 days messing around with it and still didn’t like what she had done and felt it was no where near ready to send out and.

Her post was lengthy and there were numerous comments by others many with the same struggle and others suggesting things like balance, hiring someone and not worrying about being online.  I offered some basic help and encouragement in the post and then ask her to send me a private message if I could help her further detailing her challenge.

In her private message she indicated that in addition to struggling with the online presence she was also not in a position financially to hire someone yet as her business was just getting started.   While getting help with little to no budget for it is challenging IT’S NOT IMPOSSIBLE.  It takes a creative mind, lots of tenacity and a belief in the vision you have for your business.  With those I believe that even when things get challenging, you’ll figure it out and get through it.  Perhaps you’re feeling like her, I know I was when my business was starting out and here are some things I found helpful.

Enlist the help of the kiddos. When my children were little they helped me stuff envelopes and put stamps and labels on them.  At first these projects would require a lot of my time, managing them and motivating them.  Over time they did these projects with little supervision on my part and even enlisted the help of their friends occasionally.   It was a task that was very important and helpful in growing the business.   As the kids have grown so has their knowledge of many things techie and now they help me out with other projects.  Over time the amount I’ve been able to pay them has grown as well as their understanding of business and respect for what I do.

Without kids at home to help, there are still other options, maybe borrowing one.  Okay, that sounds a bit creepy, let me explain.  Perhaps there is a neighbor or family member who is too young for traditional employment but mature enough to help you out.  HIRE them!  You’ll both benefit from it as kids today are technically savvy from the womb and they can learn something from you about business and your products/services by spending time with you.

There are many bartering companies or you could directly connect with someone to barter or trade your services for something that they are awesome at.  If your a health coach you may find a website developer in need of your services and likewise.    Many years ago I had a friend who needed some help with her marketing in exchange for my help she gave me a lovely necklace and earring set.  To this day I still have it as well as the reminder of the creativity we used to get what each of us needed.

Lastly, I encouraged her (and you) to think about the DIY approach and is it helping or hurting? If she was to spend the time she did on creating the eZine on something she was good at her business will grow. I told her “If MailChimp isn’t your thing, but calling people is, do that. Network, send postcards, note cards or personal emails to people you know, who have done business with your or who have shown an interest or could refer others.”  While I do believe that the “online marketing thing” is important, if it’s not something you can easily do and not ready to hire someone to help out with it DO SOMETHING ELSE to grow your business.  Then, when your business has grown you’ll have the resources to hire someone for a project or even as a full time assistant to help with those things that you’re not so great at.

Its your turn – What creative ways have you gotten help to grow your business on a budget?  Hop over to the Facebook page and share your thoughts.

Good luck with your business and keep focusing on your gifts and talents.  Remember, be creative, focus on your vision and stick with it,  success is sure to follow.

Wishing you ease, grace and all the success you dream of.

Love and light,



Michelle Spalding
Fairy Godmother


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