Michelle Spalding, affectionately known as the Fairy Godmother, is a well-known and gifted speaker. She is the founder of Extraordinary Business | Extraordinary Life, LLC, a company dedicated to creating greatness in the world. She’s passionate about helping others blend inspiration, creativity, passion and adventure to create the life and business of they love.


While it may look like magic, the fact is for over eleven years Michelle has been helping entrepreneurs find the right people and systems to build their businesses and find balance. Her clients are getting the freedom they desired when they began their journey and loving their businesses even more. Michelle’s workshops are tailored to your industry, your event, and the specific challenges faced by your group.


Michelle’s effective and proven tips will help your attendees build their businesses, have more free time, and reach their goals. She can help them to magically transform obstacles and will illuminate a path to help them create a life and business they love.


Some things she’d love to share with your group:

What customers really want in today’s modern small business world and it’s not the cheapest price

How to create a positive and productive attitude daily by refocusing on what YOU want

The best kept secrets for growing your business and living a happy, joyful life

How to create success on your terms by creating a business that supports the life wish to live

Building lasting connections with your colleagues and clients

Bits of wisdom from her years as a mom-preneur, with entertaining and enlightening stories of the good, the bad, and the ugly

How to find the passion within to create the life YOU dream of – and the special traits that empower growth


Michelle’s growing list of topics for workshops and speeches, including material such as:

Being a Magical Messenger – Simple steps to create a solid and authentic platform to share your unique message with the world

The Art of Multiplying Yourself to Get More Done – It’s Not Magic, It’s Leverage – Learn to get more done by doing less.

The Magic Spell for Making Obstacles Vanish – Discover what obstacles are blocking you from reaching your goals and how to make them vanish

Awaken Your Hidden Powers — Focused Thoughts and Action Bring Success – One simple word will help you remember the power that is within you to reach your goals

Building a Virtual Dream Team is as Easy as Waving a Wand – How to Hire, Train, and Manage a Team Locally and Globally – find the help you need to support you in creating the life and business of your dreams