For starters let me say, I gave up the office life many years ago and I don’t have any plans of going back to work in one, ever. While working at hone isn’t for everyone, it’s truly where I do my best work. I’m pretty productive here at home and have gotten very comfortable working in yoga pants or my bath robe, sometimes at odd hours of the day and night, from different parts of the world. Sure I go to meetings sometimes, travel to conferences or travel just for the fun of it, but when I’m not doing that it’s a pretty casual atmosphere for me in my magic studio.

Special Note – I’ve officially declared the said room I do my work in at hone as a magic studio, office just doesn’t sound as fun and I’m not an office person much anymore anyway. The only one who will know it as an office is the IRS, for tax reasons you know. Unless they have a magic studio deduction that I’m unaware of, if so I’ll let you know in the future.

Freedom is something that is very important to me and was one of the main reasons I left my work as a paralegal almost 10 years ago and started my own business. In my former work life I had to dress a certain way, be there Castle doorat a certain time and work far more hours than I wanted which took away from my family and fun time. It was nearly impossible to leave to take one of the kiddos to the doctor or meet with their teacher let alone simply show up at their school and have lunch with them.

Thankfully those days are behind me and recently I was thinking of all the activities I do that I couldn’t do when I worked in an office and thought it would be fun to write about them. I’m sure if you’re like me and you work at home some of these will sound familiar some may inspire you to spend more time working at home if you have that as an option and less in a traditional office, others may simply make you laugh. You may interpret and use them anyway you’d like.

Color Your Hair – Yes, this was Monday’s activity. Why waste a perfectly good weekend to do your hair I say. The henna I use takes 8-12 hours for it to get happy after you mix it up then 2-4 hours to soak into your hair to make it lovely and cover the grey.  Knowing I had no Skype appointments or meetings on Monday I had Tomie apply the henna that morning after my walk. It’s messy stuff so he’s an angel and helps me with it. Then it was off to my desk just like normal, except with a shower cap on and a head full of red henna. Not the “normal” work look, but it worked for me that day and my hair is all shinny and free of grey roots.

Hang Out In Your PJ’s Or Bathrobe – As I type this I am in my favorite new spa robe. One of those white ones with the waffle pattern that is perfect for the warm summer days we have here in Florida. I’ve taken calls to day, handled many emails, did payroll and all from the comfort of my robe. It totally rocks to have the option of getting dressed or not on a work day. Again, not something I think any of us could pull off in a traditional office setting.

Skip Brushing Your Hair – YES, this one happens to me sometimes. I get up, take Emmy to school, come home, put on a baseball cap and sneakers and hit the pavement for a morning walk out to the beach. Often times when I return home I simply put the cap on the hook and head to the kitchen for my favorite recovery drink………coffee. Some days when I leave to go and pick her up at school, I realize I’ve been so busy working and such that I haven’t brushed my hair. Rather than keep her waiting I simply put the baseball cap back on as not to scare her or her classmates with my crazy hair in the car line.

Work In Your Workout Clothes – I’d like to thank whoever invented yogayoga pants, especially the Capri ones. Those are my favorite! You see many times I come in from my walk on the beach, stop by the kitchen, have some coffee and breakfast then head straight up the stairs to work. It’s often lunch time when I get around to taking a quick shower then return to my studio with wet hair to let it dry naturally. In my old office work environment it was all business attire which often meant fluffed up hair, make-up, pantyhose, heals and a suit. EEK, how did I do it? Thankfully now I have the freedom to do my work in gym clothes, a bathrobe or even wet hair.

Afternoon Quickie – Yep, I went there – and so can you when you work at home. You have to admit, it’s kinda hard to do that at the office, especially when others are there and you’re supposed to be “working”. But working from home sure makes it easy to take a break and have some fun. If you’re lucky like me and your sweetie works at home, it’s even easier. If your sweetie doesn’t work at home, invite him/her to stop by for a special visit, you’ll both be happy you did.

Watch A Movie – Sometimes the work I need to do is just not coming together, technology is being difficult, my creativity seems to have abandoned me and I’m just sitting at my desk spinning my wheels. This is Netflixwhen I head over to the TV, dial up Netflix and watch a movie. Generally I choose something funny, especially if I’ve had a challenging time earlier that day. When you work in an office you’re expected to be there certain hours, and plow through even if you’re not getting much done, your presence is expected. Of course on days where I have client appointments I wouldn’t skip out on them and watch a movie, this is what I do when I’m feeling stuck and challenged – I simply flip the switch, take a break and the really cool part is when I return it’s as if the technology fairies have stopped by and sprinkled some magic helpful dust. Things start working better, my creativity has come back and my work simply flows.

Go To Work Barefoot – As I write this I’m without shoes on, as a matter of fact it’s 2:25 in the afternoon and I have yet to put on shoes. It’s not that I don’t have any or don’t like them, I have a rather large collection of flip flops I’ll have you know, as for today, I just haven’t gotten to it.  Generally in our home we don’t wear shoes except for slippers. This time of year there is no naked toesneed for slippers so I often skip the shoes and head straight to the studio with naked toes. There would have been a meltdown at the places I worked at before if I’d walked around barefoot, let alone skipped putting on shoes that day at all.

I’m sure there are many things that I’ve missed which I do now that I couldn’t have ever dreamed of let alone done in an office, this is just this week’s realization of just how flippin’ lucky I am to have created a business that allows me this kind of freedom. Easy, nope! Scary at times, YES, Worth it ABSOLUTELY!

As a soulful entrepreneur one of the things I take seriously is being my authentic self at work and allowing that to be an important part of the kind of work I do. I also relish in helping others find ways to do this same thing. To go from stressed out employee or even business owner to blissed out soulful entrepreneur. For some this means naked toes, more free time and for others it means something different. The beauty of being a soulful entrepreneur is you are following your souls calling, taking direction and guidance from your inner wise woman (or wise man) and you get to choose exactly what you want that to look like, no one else.

If there are some things you’d like to do differently in your work and could use some guidance on making it happen the way you’d like them to be, then let’s talk soon. As a Fairy Godmother it’s my privilege and honor to help people’s dreams come true.

For now, here’s to freedom, fun and naked toes.



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