This can help create boundaries for you in your business

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Remember this?

The phone – that silly thing that when created and shared with theThis can help create boundaries for you in your business world was the most cutting edge way to connect with someone?

You could pick it up, dial the number (or in the early days get the operator to connect you) and BAM, you’re talking with someone just as if they were right there in front of you.

Those with distance between them found that this was the way to “visit” with one another when travel was impractical or impossible.

The phone was where many of us were asked out on our first dates, shared secrets with friends and sometimes gossip as well.

Today our phones are now smart – they do so much more than just allow us to connect vocally.  We check the weather, check in on social media, get our email, search for restaurants, get directions and even shop right from our phones.

Many people, including yours truly, use our smart phones for more than just talking.  Yet connecting over the phone is the next best thing to being there in person with someone and one an excellent way to build or deepen a relationship.

soulful entrepreneurWith the technology so readily available it’s often difficult to create boundaries. As a Soulful Entrepreneur I know that my bucket must have something in it in order to share it with others.  This means of course having time for me and time for my business, and a way to say “I’m done for the day” and still keep my cell phone on in case the kiddos call.

In my office I have a desk phone, I set up my business line with Vonage to allow me the flexibility of taking the number with me if I move or wish to travel.  It also allows me to have a presence in my office and a private life when I wish so on my mobile phone.

With my Vonage line I can even use it when I’m on the road either forwarding the calls to my cell or using the soft phone feature online.

Boundaries help us have time to focus on projects and also filling up our bucket.  Will some folks be disappointed they can’t call you at 9:30pm on a Tuesday to ask you a quick question?  Sure this might happen, you can’t please everyone. The key is to –    “Be okay with disappointing people, after all you can’t please everyone, just don’t disappoint the people who are most important to you”

Bottom line ~ Stay connected, be accessible, create boundaries and make time to fill your bucket.  The Vonage line helps me do that and it may do the same for you.  Learn more about by clicking here.

Here’s to beautiful master pieces, loads of fun and wild adventures.

All the best,

Michelle Spalding
Fairy Godmother



If you’d like to schedule a complimentary session with me to discuss setting boundaries and growing your business, click here.  It would be my pleasure to assist you in anyway I can in creating the business and life of your dreams.


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