Time Management of the Wealthy

Here’s a thought to ponder – if wealthy

people and poor people have the same

24 hours in a day, live in the same

Country, have similar IQs, and health,

 then what’s so different in their lives?

 Answer:  How they use their time or

better yet, how well they manage it.

 Time is something we all have the same of in the day.  No one person has more or less of it than anyone else.  It’s what we chose to do with those 24 hours that will either provide us with the business and life we want or give us the same old same old.  To make the most of your time, you must figure out what makes the biggest impact on your business and life, then focus on those things.  Put another way, you must stop majoring in the minor things. 

 As Americans or maybe just as humans, we often equate our value with activity.  When people ask us how we’re doing, we say things like great, busy as ever.  Or busy, busy, busy to feel justified.  We find ways to fill the time in the same work day today as we did 2 or 3 years ago, but our income isn’t near the same and we blame outside forces.  Things like the market, taxes, interest rates, lenders, etc.  But in most situations that’s not the case; it’s how we use our time.  Sure things are different than in years past, but I have clients who are already having their best year ever.  I can tell you, they aren’t doing what they did a few years ago either.  They have stepped up their game, got focused on the important activities to their business and stopped doing the rest.

 They have discovered one of the best kept secret of the wealthy…….Get good at a few things, let others handle the rest

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