Wealth Attraction | August 2010

July was full of fun and adventure.  First the move to the beach, yes I spoke about it in the July newsletter, but I’m still pretty excited to be here and walking on the beach almost daily.  The next exciting event was my trip to Cleveland to see Dan Kennedy speak about Wealth Attraction.  If you missed his article about it in the last newsletter, let me know and I’ll send you a copy.  Or check out my blog at www.michellespalding.com.

One thing that Dan mentioned that I’m really hearing a lot of from others as well is Getting Connected.  Staying in front of those that you’ve done business with and would like to is the key to success.  If they can’t remember you, find you or even know who you are, it’s a safe bet they will NOT be sending you any money anytime soon.

Back when I sold homes, there was many times I worked with “lost buyers”.  A lost buyer is one who’d been out looking with another agent, but stopped, generally because they couldn’t find something, and got frustrated.  When they were ready to begin the search again their agent wasn’t to be found.  As they set out on their journey, they came upon me at an open house or calling on one of my listings. I connected, listened to their needs and most cases found it had been several months since they’d heard from the agent who they’d started with.  They were qualified ready to go buyers so I took them shopping and in all but one case, I sold them a home.

By building a relationship with many of those buyers I not only sold them a home, but several also referred their friends to me and they also purchased homes.

This issue is all about building relationships and getting connected. As you read through it, I hope it inspires you to reach out, get connected and build relationships that will help you with your business and also enrich your life and others around you.