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When I think life is hard……………..{A Sprinkle of Fairy Dust}

Help Jamie Lynne Get Walking by Michelle Spalding
A Sprinkle of Fairy Dust
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There is no doubt life can be hard at times.  We’re faced with challenges to overcome, mountains to climb and people to help.Frequently I long for all the money and resources needed to help anyone wanting assistance.  Be it in making their dream business a reality or getting something they need to make life better.My best friend Penny is one of those people who I wish I could give everything she needs to her.  She’s an amazing woman raising a special needs child (Jamie Lynn) on her own while working and going to school.  She’s a reminder to me at times when I think life is hard to how fortunate I am to have my health and healthy children.  She’s passionately working to give her daughter every opportunity and therapy she can.

Not long ago I found a really cool medical aid that could help a child who is in a wheelchair walk.  It’s called an UpSee and was created by a Mom who wanted to help her child walk.  It’s something that can help a child who has always been in a wheelchair by allowing them to walk for the very first time.   The UpSee is like something we’ve never seen before and unfortunately not paid for by medical insurance.

I’ve started a fund raiser to help Jamie Lynne walk.  Click here if can to help me make this happen for her.  While I can’t make this happen alone, I know that I’m surrounded by a bunch of awesome people and together we’ll get this done and soon I’ll be posting a video of Jamie Lynne walking.

Thanks for taking a peak at the support page and sharing this with others.  Even the smallest amount will help make a big difference.

Here’s to walking tall and helping others do it too.

All the best,

Michelle Spalding

Fairy Godmother

Jamie Lynn & Michelle Christmas 2013


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Soulful Video – Instant Inspiration

Here’s the story of the Mom who created the UpSee and some of the children who are now walking.

Warning – it may bring tears to your eyes.


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