"Business success is not just about making more money; it's about creating a quality of life that enables us to follow our passion and fulfill our life's purpose. It’s about living the life you’ve been dreaming of, right now.”


— Michelle Spalding


In 2005, Michelle founded her first business, Transaction Management Consultants (TMC), a consulting company that offered back-end solutions to realtors, developers, and investors nationwide. As her success grew, Michelle took her company completely online with a virtual staff and expanded her work into other industries. Today as a Business Alchemist, she is a sought after coach, mentor, and author.

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Since Michelle began speaking, she's shared her passion for living a life that frees her up to follow her dreams. She's a frequent international traveler and has shown audiences how to put systems in place and find talented people to allow them to follow their passions. Outsourcing has transformed Michelle's business — and she demonstrates how it can work for participants, too.

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For over a decade, Michelle has been a featured speaker at venues such as large bootcamp events, regional association meetings, webinars, teleseminars, podcasts and radio events. In 2013 she launched a highly successful podcast show called Illuminate Together.

Testimonials & Reviews

"Michelle shares her story with such passion and enthusiasm that you feel like you're living it right along with her. She truly inspired and helped the new business owners who attended her workshop.”

— Carey Williams

The Small Business Alliance of Central Florida, Orlando, Florida

"I met Michelle when she spoke at one of the training events I was involved with in New Orleans. I was so impressed; I invited her back to speak at a second event. Over the years I've personally seen that she doesn't talk the virtual talk; she truly lives it each day in her business and in the clients she serves."

— Chris Daigle

Entrepreneur, Charleston, South Carolina

This year, we were fortunate enough to have Michelle speak at our 2020 Empower Conference. Michelle’s expertise and knowledge was shared with our group in a way that allowed them to connect with the content and inspired them to take what they learned and immediately apply the practices she shared. We will definitely be asking Michelle to speak at our conference in the future!

Kim Grimm

Executive Director, National Association of Real Estate Support Professionals

Suggested topics

Michelle’s workshops are tailored to your industry, your event, and the specific challenges faced by your group. Here are popular topics Michelle has presented in the past:

    • Delegate, Automate, Eliminate: why you don’t need to do it all in order to have it all
    • Recalibrating Success: how to stop striving for your dream, and live it now
    • Balance, Time Management, and Other Fairy Tales
    • Awaken Your Hidden Powers: unusual business building tools the every entrepreneur needs
    • Building Your Virtual Dream Team: how to make hiring, training, and managing your virtual team as easy as waving a wand
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Past Speaking Engagements:

    • The Small Business Alliance — Orlando, FL
    • Virtual Real Estate Investing — New Orleans, LA
    • Holistic Chamber of Commerce — Orlando, FL
    • Infinite Possibilities: Train the Trainer — Chicago, IL
    • Realtor.com — Las Vegas, NV
    • NARESP Conference - Tampa, FL

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