“Entrepreneurs are the only people who will work 80 hours a week to avoid working 40 hours a week”

— Lori Griener, Shark Tank Investor

"When Michelle speaks of "soul crafted success," she means it. If you don't start with YOUR definition of success, most often, you will be chasing someone else's. Then you can wake up one day and find out you are so off course you don't know how to get back?! (speaking from personal experience). Michelle makes you slow down and really think about what is MY definition of success and why and is that really what I want and will fulfill me. THEN and only then, once you have that, do you start putting the pieces in place to get there. For anyone considering working with Michelle, just do it! She has helped me get back on MY soul-crafted success path."

Jen Stalcup - www.Wize-Wizards.com

"Michelle has been a great asset to my business. She has helped me create and streamline systems, so I was able to bring on a transaction coordinator to continue to grow the business. She held me accountable when I needed it to keep moving forward, she was an inspiration when I needed that, and she was my biggest cheerleader when I had a success. I highly recommend her services as a coach."

— Deb Nespolo, Transaction Manager


After some preliminary assignments, you and I will meet virtually or in my Waco, Texas studio to work through steps one and two. We’ll plan out your projects and action steps for the next 6-12 months, and you’ll leave with a tangible plan in hand, along with 30 days of email support as you begin to put that plan into action.

One to One Coaching and Consulting

In this package I take virtual residence in your business as your wise counselor, directing you as you move through all three phases. You can choose to work with me in 6 or 8-month increments, and you’ll have access to support via bi-weekly virtual meetings, email, and text.

Mini Coaching Packages

Not ready for long-term support? Feeling stuck and simply want to get help on an issue? Now available, single sessions - perfect for the person who wants to receive support around a single challenge. We'll pack lots into our time together. No consultation is needed, just sign up below.

"Working with Michelle helped me regain my confidence after a career shift and launch a new program with my business. She's just the right blend of practical advice and emotional support, and she celebrated with me each step of the way! It made a huge difference in my life to have the opportunity to work with her."

— Kyndall Rae Rothaus, Spiritual Director, Author, Speaker www.KyndallRaeRothaus.com

Something got you feeling stuck?

I've got you! Book this session and we'll dive into finding solutions to help get you on your way just like magic.

What is it your soul is calling you toward?

Book this session and we'll uncover that and create a unique plan to strategically help you move closer each day.

Got a few things to work on?

Feeling stuck and unsure which way to go? No worries - I'm here to help. This 3 session mini-program tackles those obstacles.