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Nathaniel's Journey by Michelle Spalding

Birthing An Elephant aka Writing A Book

Way back in 2010, I had a big exciting idea; I’d write a book about the things I ...
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Man at airport

Entrepreneurs – We’ve Got Some Work To Do

"Generating leads online is something I shouldn't waste my time doing - I want a VA to find ...
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Stop Putting Women Down – Instead Celebrate Them

Recently, I had a wonderful conversation with a fellow female entrepreneur. It was the first time we'd met, ...
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How about some YOU time?

Yes, our days are busy! You have business/career obligations, family time, and commuting, which leaves little time for ...
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Are You Leading To Create Positive Change?

I woke up this morning thinking about a call I received many years ago from a New Jersey ...
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Treasure Box

People will try to knock you down.They will say untrue and mean things. They will write reviews that ...
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Mother Nature and Business Wisdom

Earlier this year, I enrolled in herb school Wildflower School for Botanical Medicine in Austin. Ever since I ...
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Cassandra Speaks by Elizabeth Lesser – Sparks of Wisdom Book Club Recap

One moment I feel like I have a lot of knowledge about a particular topic - the next ...
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You Can’t Always Go At Full Speed

Who would have thought being a high achiever and driven person who wants to do so much to ...
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Wolfpack, by Abby Wambach –  Sparks of Wisdom Book Club Recap

“If we keep playing by the old rules, we will never change the game.” says Abby in this ...
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