Have you ever wished you had someone to turn to who could help you create the life and business you dream of? A trusted mentor who understands that the success of your business is more than the money it generates? Someone who can help remove the obstacles blocking you from achieving your goals and help you transform your current business into the one of your dreams?


We don’t live in a fairy tale world, especially when it comes to business… Michelle Spalding - Fairy Godmother


But imagine what you could do with your own Fairy Godmother.


Meet Michelle Spalding, affectionately known as the Fairy Godmother; Michelle is passionate about helping entrepreneurs create a life and business that they love.

Does this sound familiar?

You’re passionate about what you do and frustrated at the same time with the progress/growth of your business.


You’re optimistic that things will get better……but can’t see the path which leads there.


You’re tired and wanting more from your business sometimes you wonder if you’re really up for being an entrepreneur.


Some days, you’re feeling exhausted, frustrated and on the verge of quitting and you want to scream but fear no one will hear you that can help.


Your family and friends miss you and sometimes are resentful of the time you spend with your business.

Are you ready for some magic?

With the wave of her wand, you will learn the strategies you need to increase your income without compromising your values. How to run a successful business and enjoy life and the many freedoms that being an entrepreneur come with. How to spend more time on the things in your business that you love and how to build a team to help you with everything else.


Ready for some major transformation in your business? That's the specialty of your Fairy Godmother. Individual coaching will help you reach your business and personal goals faster.

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You and your Fairy Godmother making things happen, at warp speed. Book a full or half day one-on-one day sessions with Michelle. Magic wand included!

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Michelle’s effective and proven tips will help your attendees build their businesses, have more free time, and reach their goals. She can help them to magically transform obstacles.

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As an experienced business veteran, Michelle understands what it takes to create a successful business. But if you’re not finding joy and freedom while pursuing your business goals, is it really success? Of course not. That’s why Michelle focuses on working with women who want it a life and a business they love and aren’t willing to settle for anything less.


Enlisting the help of your Fairy Godmother is fun and easy. Michelle offers many services and programs to help you magically transform your business into one that that you truly love.


Whatever your goals and dreams are you can rely on Michelle to help you create a realistic action plan to accomplish them and even be there every step of the way.


Call on her years of experience to help you remove the obstacles blocking you from reaching your dreams with private coaching, mastermind groups, and workshops tailored to meet your unique business and personal needs.