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Michelle Spalding BooksMichelle Spalding is a multi-passionate entrepreneur who knew from a very young age she wanted to be a writer, teacher and businesswoman and was often found mowing lawns or babysitting in her teens.

Today, as a Business Alchemist she works with female entrepreneurs, helping them to transform obstacles allowing them to create the life and business of their soul is calling them to. She has an almost magic-like ability to find simple solutions to complicated issues and believes that women who know their value and do the work that inspires them to make the world a better place.

Nathaniel's Journey by Michelle SpaldingAutographed Copies Now Available

Many would call Nathaniel an 'old soul' after many lives on earth. He's now ready for a new adventure; however, this one would be unlike any he'd ever experienced before. Follow along on Nathaniel's Journey and discover how things may not be what we envision for our lives, but this doesn't mean they are any less fulfilling.

Sometimes showing up differently may help us see things more clearly.

Glitter, Duct Tape, and MagicStarting a business is fun and exciting – until it isn’t.

Being a female entrepreneur isn’t all Instagram moments, amazing retreats, and coffee with friends. It’s hard work, it’s messy at times, and, some days, it can simply suck. What, you wonder, did you get yourself into? But it doesn’t have to be that way. Success looks different to everyone – and once you define it for yourself, you can start building it and living it.

Coach, entrepreneur, and business alchemist Michelle Spalding helps you do just that in this entertaining how-to packed with vivid stories, great examples, and meaningful exercises that drive home the book’s core takeaway: life is much sweeter when we strive for and achieve our own personal version of success.

As a fifteen-year, multipassionate entrepreneur, Michelle has learned a few things the experts don’t talk about. She shares what she knows to be true about:

    • How to define success for yourself – and stop the comparison crap
    • How to honor the wise woman within – and listen to what she’s telling you, before taking action
    • Why forgiveness, spirituality, and love are all important elements of any successful business
    • Why your business should support you in living the life you want – not suck the life out of you
    • The myth of perfection and how to get over it
    • And much more!

With the kookiness of your favorite aunt and the wisdom of a wise old woman, Michelle helps you reconnect with the things that are most important to you and fall back in love with your business. 

Praise for Glitter, Duct Tape and Magic

The Road from Contract to CloseAfter more than 20 years of experience in real estate and tens of thousands of transactions coordinated Michelle Spalding has put together a book to help make the process simpler and more efficient. Discover how to deliver the best service to your clients, keep on top of everything and have more time in your day from contract to close.


Ideal for Realtors, real estate investors and transaction coordinators alike.

Praise for The Road From Contract to Close

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