Aim in Life to Which you Aspire

Napoleon Hill, author of Think and Grow Rich, taught his students and the readers of his book that “what we can believe, we can achieve“. He detailed the steps to success in his books, magazines and workshops.

After reading and rereading this book as well as listening to it on audio numerous times and participating in a mastermind focused on learning the concepts taught in this book, I think I can safely say I’m truly getting it. That we all hold within us the power to do great things, to accomplish all we dream of, that we simply have to truly believe and most of all continue to believe, even when things aren’t looking so good. That we can’t give up because often success comes just after most quit.

Napeleon Hill

Like many in real estate, the downturn in the market presented us with a challenge that we honestly didn’t like. The struggle to keep it together and grow in a time when many were getting out of the real estate business has not been without its challenges. Yet, like many I kept the dream of a successful business alive. I also have a great mastermind group and team at TMC to help me stay focused on that dream.

Guess what………….. It’s working!! This year alone our team has grown, we continue to grow and it’s because we’re surrounding ourselves with others who are looking ahead and working hard to grow their businesses. It’s exciting to be part of the success team for many top agents all over the US.

Many of our clients are seeing their business soar and thanking us for giving them the time they need to focus on being where people need them to be who are thinking of buying and selling.

Recently I picked up a reprint of Napoleon Hill’s Magazine from 1922. Here’s one of my favorite snippets:

You are the sum total of the thoughts you think, the books you read, the company you keep, the words you speak, the aim in life to which you aspire. In this moving world, where everything is constantly in a state of flux, you resemble most the strongest and most impressionable influences of your daily environment. No man can escape the effects of environment but he can change and modify that environment, so that it, in turn, may modify and change him. 

Napoleon Hill wasn’t just talking $$ when he was talking about riches. Health, peace of mind, relationships, and freedom are also forms of riches.

With nothing else in this market or any market that one can truly control other than our thoughts, how blessed the team at TMC and I to be surrounded by such a fantastic group of Realtors who are making things happen.