Birthing An Elephant aka Writing A Book

Nathaniel's Journey by Michelle Spalding

I’m not going to sugarcoat it here; sitting down and writing wasn’t easy, even when I scheduled time for it. It was a struggle to take my ideas and put them into chapters. There were times when it felt like I’d never get it done.

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Entrepreneurs – We’ve Got Some Work To Do

Man at airport

“Generating leads online is something I shouldn’t waste my time doing – I want a VA to find the right people, and I’ll close them,” He said, sitting next to me on his Zoom call at the Chicago airport last Monday. It’s hard not to overhear conversations when people are just a few seats away…

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Mother Nature and Business Wisdom

Earlier this year, I enrolled in herb school Wildflower School for Botanical Medicine in Austin. Ever since I bought a book about herbal medicine more than 20 years ago, it’s been something I’ve wanted to dive deeper into someday. That book has moved house with me more than 12 times and multiple states – and…

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Join us as we talk Glitter, Duct Tape and Magic

We have the amazing Michelle Spalding – Author, Business Owner, Coach, Mentor and so much more. We pick her brain about being a woman business owner and the struggles and magic that has followed + her new book + launching a Transaction Coordinating business in a time when no one even knew what that term…

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Build a Business and a Life That You Love – Michelle Spalding

Soulful Entrepreneur - Michelle Spalding

Learn To Be Present and Enjoy the Journey Have you ever had a big idea that someone told you was impossible? Are you looking for freedom and flexibility in your career and your life? Maybe you’re considering becoming an entrepreneur, or you recently decided to run your own business? If so, this episode of Offer…

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It must be nice…

You are so lucky, it must be nice to…. • Own your own business • Work from home • Employ a full-time virtual assistant • Have a housekeeper • Be able to travel (pre-Covid restrictions of course) • Have time to write two books Perhaps you have also been the recipient of similar comments, and…

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To my harshest critic…

One day, Emmy couldn’t take it anymore and stood up and asked Mrs. W. why she called on several students who didn’t have their hand up instead of __, a black boy, whose hand had been up so long it was beginning to turn blue.

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Behind Every Business is GLITTER, DUCT TAPE AND MAGIC

Female Entrepreneur, Work Life Balance For Women, Soul Crafted Success, Business Books For Women, Motherhood And Business, Mindful Entrepreneur

  Join Paula Kidd Casey and entrepreneurial guru Michelle Spalding, as they discuss how to start your dream business in the middle of “chaos.” Based on the wisdom contained in Michelle’s new book; Glitter, Duct Tape and Magic, they discuss how to take action with alignment and courage and finally live your passion.  

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It’s Okay to Feel the Feelings

Whatever you’re feeling now – please know that it’s okay to feel that.

Now is not the time to hide our feelings or push them aside. Nor is it the time to paint them over with pink paint and pretend all is well.

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