Lessons from the Grand Ginger Princess on the Corona Virus – Covid 19

A few things came up for me today that I want to share around the Coronavirus.

1) We live in a day and time where are lucky enough to get the latest info directly from the CDC’s website. We don’t have to wait to be fed what the media wants us to know, we can go to the source. And while our government is far from perfect, I believe the scientists and doctors there are focused on one thing, the health, and safety of the people of our country.

2) Schools closing, conference canceling and workers being asked not to travel all suck. And yes, I understand it’s a huge inconvenience and has financial implications. And yet, we live in a modern time where many can continue to work, learn and interact with others without leaving our homes. As little as 10 years ago, this wouldn’t be possible. Make the best of this inconvenience and maybe even learn a new way to do something. Personally I’m impressed with the way many organizations have to make changes swiftly to protect others. They have implemented plans they probably thought they would never have to. And I believe that those decisions to close or cancel were not taken lightly.

3) Maybe we can use all of this to be reminded of being present. After all, the reason most don’t wash their hands enough is likely they feel rushed to get back to something else. Probably some of that is work. Which while important, should never make anyone feel they don’t have the time to properly wash their hands. Or maybe it’s that we’re in a hurry to get to the next whatever or don’t want to keep others waiting.

4) We need to dial up the compassion for others. To all my friends on a spiritual path who think this is hogwash, okay fine, we are all entitled to our thoughts and beliefs. But this doesn’t mean you or anyone else should berate those who are fearful. No one should mock their fear or share memes about them. Especially those with a racist tone. Come on, we can all do better. Instead, just be a shing light of faith for those who need it. And maybe it will help reduce their fear.

5) Take a lesson from the kids. Yes, the kids. Today I spent a few hours with the Grand Ginger Princess. After a trip to the little ladies room, she washed her hands for a good 60 seconds. Telling me several times how much she loved the way the soap felt and how clean her hands were getting. She knows nothing of what is happening in the world, only that she enjoys washing her hands and that we have told her for years it’s important.

None of us know what will happen. We can guess, whine and moan. Or we can be kind, helpful and as understanding as possible. We don’t have to like it, but we don’t need to be assholes either.

On the other side of this, I hope that we look back and celebrate that we’ve all leaned more toward kindness, compassion, and understanding.

Now go forth with a big understanding heart and wash your hands like you’re this 4 year old.