Maybe Play is Essential

Soul Crafted Success, Women in Business

I’ve been thinking about play and seeing it as a reward – genuinely wondering if we have it all wrong.

Maybe play is essential.

Maybe we shouldn’t wait till all our work is done to play – when we’re usually too tired.

Maybe we should prioritize play – which usually energizes us.

Maybe, just maybe, we’d be happier and perhaps even more productive in our work.

Play is often relegated to the weekends or frowned upon in our hustle/grind society, especially those who define success by their income and job titles.

Maybe that’s why so many feel unsatisfied, disconnected, and near burnt out.

Maybe we need more play, rather than less.

Our society doesn’t seem to value the arts as much as it does Wall Street – instead, creativity and play feel less valuable than the stock market.

I don’t know the answer…but I feel collectively we’ve given the power to something less than empowering to us.

I truly want to explore this topic deeper.  I want to be the rebel and play before work.

Maybe play is essential…