Mother Nature and Business Wisdom

Earlier this year, I enrolled in herb school Wildflower School for Botanical Medicine in Austin. Ever since I bought a book about herbal medicine more than 20 years ago, it’s been something I’ve wanted to dive deeper into someday. That book has moved house with me more than 12 times and multiple states – and with each packing and unpacking, I considered parting with it – thinking I have never used it. Some will say that if you haven’t used something in the last year, you should get rid of it; I say if it continues to inspire you, keep it. 

Studying herbalism is helping me to see things I hadn’t noticed before, like spring weeds all around me with health benefits. I know, I know, never did I see that one coming, but the elders used what was around them—strengthening my resolve to be kind to the earth. And patience, lots and lots of patience, with myself, healing and creating medicine. 

Recently I made what I now call Magical Bug Bite Balm and shipped it off to friends and family from Minnesota to Florida and Texas.

Crafting these didn’t happen overnight. It started weeks earlier when I infused dried Plantain and Calendula into olive oil. (Separately) Shaken daily for four weeks, they were ready to press. Then a few days later, I blended the oil and warmed beeswax to create a balm. 

In each of these jars is not only plant medicine but LOVE. And who doesn’t want that in their medicine? 

I’ve always believed that Mother Nature has a lot to teach us about business if we pay attention – here are a few observations that have come to me: 

🔅It’s a process, sometimes a long and challenging one. Nothing happens overnight, and not everything we try works. Stick with it.

🔅There are seasons and rhythms; working with them is more manageable than against them. Planting something that requires sun and warmth under a foot of snow isn’t likely to work unless you work hard and keep it warm and protected from the frigid temperatures.

🔅Collaboration and biodiversity keep soil and plants happy. The same holds in business. Look for ways to include people who look and think differently than you do.

🔅Observe, analyze, and evaluate before taking action in planting. So much time, effort, and plants can be saved by not rushing.  Pausing to evaluate before taking action is a principle I also use in business coaching, and there is NO one size fits all in nature or business. 

🔅Rest. Remember, it’s a marathon, not a sprint, and there is no hustle in nature.

In my work as a Business Alchemist coaching female business owners, I love helping my clients see the connection between nature and business. Working with what they have, weeding things that they no longer need, and setting up automation (think sprinkler systems) can help give them the time and energy to continue the entrepreneurial journey.

While I’m not exactly sure where this herbal adventure will lead me, I am excited to spend the weekend in Austin learning more and bringing medicine to my home.