You Can Always Change Lanes

Soul Crafted Success, Women in Business

A new client reached out for support recently, feeling exhausted, overwhelmed, and thinking she may not be cut out for being a business owner.

She told me how she’d done so much research before starting her business and felt like it was nothing like what she thought it would be. I gently reminded her that she could always change lanes.

Launching a business takes courage, and she’d done something many only dare to dream of doing. And she also has the power to transform it – to put it on a different path. Maybe not overnight, but with a vision for what she wanted, a clear plan of changes to make, and boundaries, it was possible to have a business she loved.

I briefly shared with her how soon after starting my business, I leased commercial office space for my team as we’d outgrown my family room, only to realize that it wasn’t what I wanted after moving in. It took many months, but I changed lanes, sent my team to work from their homes, and figured it out as we went along. That was nearly 15 years ago.

As we wound down our call, she said, “I’m feeling hopeful again – thanks.”

Choosing to change lanes doesn’t mean everything is magically transformed overnight, and you live happily ever after like in the fairy tales. Still, it does mean that you are moving closer to how you want to feel in your business, and little by little, you’ll be in the lane that will get you there.

And, if later down the road, you can always change lanes again.