10 Strategies to Keep your Resolutions and Achieve your Goals

I hope your week and New Year are off to a Rockin’ start.  I just love the New Year; there is so much excitement in the air, a buzz of energy with our new goals or resolutions.  Things we want to change and improve, others we plan to discontinue or curtail.

Sadly the buzz and excitement wears off quickly and often we lapse into old habits and loose our confidence in achieving our goals or keeping our resolutions.  Being a firm believer in the fact that what we focus on we receive, I’ve put together a list of strategies that will help you keep your resolutions and accomplish your goals:

10 Strategies to Keep your Resolutions and Achieve your Goals

1.         Get totally clear about what you want.  Foggy ideas lead to foggy results.

2.         Believe that ANYTHING is possible.  As a child you believed without a doubt that you could walk and low and behold, you did.

3.         Spend time with people who are successful and big thinkers.  You can do this in person and through books and audio programs.

4.        Be integral with yourself, if you make a promise to yourself, keep it.

5. Set high standards for yourself and those you work with or do business with.  Refuse to accept anything less.

6.        Don’t sweat things that don’t matter or that you can’t control.

7.        Put systems in place that save time and help you accomplish your work.

8. “Get the beater on the road” – take action, don’t wait for perfection, just get started.  Momentum leads to greatness.

9. Hang in there – this means you’ll need t he energy and passion to be persistent.  Be sure to keep YOUR gas tank full.

10.       Have Fun!  Time goes by quickly.  Schedule time for fun and be sure to have fun in everything you do.

Good luck with your goals and resolutions – keep them handy and review them and your progress often.  If there is anything I can do to help you reach any of your goals or keep your resolutions, please let me know.