A Soulful Entrepreneur Fairy Tale

Once upon a time, there was a woman in business who was very

Soulful Entrepreneur

successful financially and in the eyes of her colleagues yet she felt such frustration and was beginning to resent the very business she once was madly in love with. She was flat-out exhausted by the number of hours she was spending on her work. While she was very grateful for the financial success, she longed for the excitement she felt when she started her conscious business. She’d followed the advice of those who mentored her, continually sought out education to help her improve her sales, and in the process, had created a steady amount of satisfied clients who also frequently referred others. Her clients loved her, and she felt good about the work she was doing but was really struggling to maintain her energy and sometimes her sanity.

As her business continued to thrive and grow, she decided the next step was to hire an assistant to help with the workload. For a very long time, she’d been resisting getting help as she felt her clients only would want her after all; most told her they adored the personal attention they received on their visits. She knew that what she did was making the world a better place, and at the same time, she felt guilty that she was taking better care of her clients than herself.

Then she did it; she placed an ad online and hired someone to come to her office a few days a week to help her. It didn’t take her long to realize that it wasn’t working out. She had no procedure manual or training process to help the much-needed new hire support her and relieve her of some of the heavy workloads. She’d spent the time the assistant was there trying to find work for the assistant to do, only to have to do all the other things needed in the evening. After a few frustrating weeks, she and the new assistant decided that it wasn’t working out, and they went their separate ways.

This woman in business was torn. She loved what she did but couldn’t maintain the pace much longer and was considering getting out of the business altogether. She felt deflated and overwhelmed by the “business beast” she’d created and was on the verge of a breakdown.

Then one day, in between clients, she sat at the computer and Googled “what is an entrepreneur“. To her shock and dismay, she found that while she’d always called herself an entrepreneur, she was not running her business as a soulful entrepreneur; she’d basically bought herself a job. No wonder she was exhausted and frustrated.

At that moment, she realized she needed help to sort out what she wanted and how to achieve it with her business. She called upon her Fairy Godmother, who immediately showed up with soulful business ideas to help create the business of her dreams. Soon she had systems in place to manage her business, procedures on how things were done so she could easily train someone, and a realistic plan to make it all happen.

Within a few months, she hired a new assistant who quickly learned the systems the woman had created. Her new assistant had taken over many of the administrative functions in the business, such as client appointment scheduling, customer service, social media updates, blog posting, and much more. The business continued to grow, her income went up, and she had more time to take care of herself and even enjoyed a much-needed vacation to the beach in Mexico.

After returning from her vacation, she planned another one realizing that the life of a soulful entrepreneur was not only about making the world a better place, it was also about making the best of the time she has on this planet.


A Soulful Entrepreneur Fairy Tale

It’s no fairy tale or dream; there really is a way to create the business of your dreams – reach out if you’d like some help making your dreams come true.