The Happiness of Pursuit

Upon returning one recent evening home from a mini vacation, I found this book in my pile of mail needing my attention.  Anxious to get back into the swing of things and to work, I moved through the pile and then opened the package containing the book.  **Note, anything with the word Happy or Happiness thrills me**  I flipped through the book and immediately was pulled in.  I thought when I received the book, it would be about Chris’ adventures as he traveled the world visiting every country; as an avid traveler, this sounded like a book I’d love. In reading it, I discovered it was so much more.Happiness of Pursuit - Chris Guillebeau

It is a book about various people, their pursuits, and some of their adventures along the way.  It’s a guidebook for anyone wishing to tackle a pursuit or that can’t let an idea they have for something that others may find crazy go.  It’s a book about the highs and lows of doing things that many may find odd but felt totally normal to the people pursuing them.

Three days later, after a marathon read, I finished the book; it had me laughing, it made me dream, and it gave me hope for the pursuit I wish to follow.  Most of all, it made me happy to know that so many people are doing amazing things.

I hope he writes another book soon with stories of other people’s adventures in their pursuits; this is the kind of thing we need more of.  If they did a TV show about it, I’d turn mine on.

Join me in the Happiness of Pursuit; just click on the book to the right to pick up a copy, get inspired, take action, and change the world.