A walk on the wild side

Have you ever stopped and thought about what it really takes to get what you want?  Have you ever looked at someone and wished you had what they had, be it a shiny new car, or a big house or just more free time than your schedule seems to have?

Recently when I was walking, this thought popped into my mind, it started when I was crossing the road, and a car nearly took me out while he was making a U-turn.  The car was a pretty, new shiny black Mercedes.  Don’t ask me which one; I wasn’t paying that much attention; let’s just say it was a very nice one that would have hurt had it hit me.  As the car narrowly missed me, I had two thoughts that came up at once; the first one was, hey, you pay attention, the other was, wow, I’d sure love to drive one of those.

As I continued my walk safely on the sidewalk, I reflected on the thought of wanting a pretty Mercedes.  Rather than looking at it with jealousy, I thought about what it would take if I really wanted one. I asked myself if I would dive head-first into whatever it took.  Would this mean I would have to do things I don’t want to? Or things that are outside of my comfort zone?  Would I have to do something or things that are not in alignment with the person I am and want to be?

I vowed as I was walking to look at things differently in my life.  First, I’ll make sure that I make eye contact with the cars in the area as I’m crossing the road.  Second, I will not look at the person with envy but admiration for them doing what they needed in their lives to afford the pretty shiny Mercedes.