Happy Earth Day

Happy Earth Day!!!

Remember just a few years ago when you went to the grocery store, and the clerk asked, “paper or plastic”? When bringing a cloth bag to the store wasn’t fashionable and often disrupted the rhythm of the cashier or the bag boy? I surely do!

For years I’ve attended trade shows and amassed a rather nice collection of cloth bags. These bags are strong and sturdy and, for a while, just collected dust in my closet; then, I realized one day that they hold a bunch of groceries and make the trip from the car to the house much easier.

About ten years ago started taking my bags on my grocery shopping trips. Back then, many of the clerks looked at me like I had three heads when I said that I had my own bags. Sometimes the trip was uncomfortable as I looked around at the other checkout lines and found that I was the only person with cloth bags.

Today, bringing our own cloth bags is not only commonplace if we forget ours, but we can also easily purchase new and stylish ones right there at most checkout lines. While I wasn’t cutting edge ten years ago with my trade show bags, I was different than most and rather proud of it.

Our industry, like many others, has seen many changes as well, some excellent ones like the cloth bags, some not good.

As with anything, change often starts with a few people getting together, sharing ideas, and taking action. The idea for Earth Day started in 1963, and 7 years later, in 1970, the first Earth Day was celebrated. Almost 50 years later, we’re still celebrating what was once an idea shared among a few people.

This Earth Day, our team at TMC will be celebrating as we often do the way our company has made a positive impact on real estate agents and investors nationwide in an environmentally friendly way. We’re thrilled that what we do is entirely paperless, and thanks to technology, were able to reach out to clients nationally with little, if any, dependence on fuel to get us there.

While what we do, coordinate listings and contract transactions, is nothing new, Realtors have done that since the beginning of the real estate industry, and the way we do it is far differently. Our little company is working hard and making a big difference in the lives of many we work with.

It’s like grocery shopping; we’re still carrying home our items in a bag; the bag just happens to be stronger, enabling us to make fewer trips from the car, more stylish, and yes, environmentally friendly at the same time.