Be Authentic. Be Real. Be Proud

I recently got a new phone.

It wasn’t planned by me, but apparently, my old one decided for us it had enough. While setting it up in my Jeep it snapped a photo. Initially, my reaction was to delete it as quickly as possible. After all, I was frustrated and not smiling – this was not exactly a moment I wanted to capture.

Then it hit me, this was how I felt at that time. There was nothing wrong with me feeling frustrated. There is nothing wrong with me not smiling. No one smiles and is happy all the time, (anyone who says they do is delusional or trying to get in your wallet with lies) yet to look at social media one could easily think this was so.

So I am choosing to share this with a reminder to myself and you, to not hide who we are. Don’t only keep the sparkly, smiling memories.

Be real.

Be authentic.


And be f’ing proud of all of it. The sparkly, the messy, the frustrated, and everything in-between.