Do More of What Makes You Happy

Zen Advice from Pia, Office Manager

Recently, I was with Michelle on Zoom, chatting with a lovely woman about some of her struggles. It seems her business wasn’t what she wanted it to be, and she was exasperated. No, silly, I wasn’t ON Zoom; I was sitting on her desk like any good fluffy office manager does, as she was on Zoom.

Michelle told the woman that she’d met many who started with a vision over the years, but as their business grew, they struggled to keep the vision as there was more to being an entrepreneur. Unfortunately, they weren’t good at parts they simply didn’t enjoy doing, not to mention the outside ideas of what a successful business “should” look like – all of which get in the way of success and lead to burnout.

So, as this lovely woman was inquiring about receiving help in making a change in her business, it reminded me of one of the things that make me happiest. Yes, you guessed it – naps.

Sure, I like to chase small bugs, hiss at the dog, eat treats (lots of treats), watch the squirrels running around in the trees, and the birds who hang out at the many feeders we have right outside my favorite window. Yet all those things, as great as they are, aren’t what makes me the happiest. And if I spend too much time on those distractions, it takes me away from what I love the best, NAPS!

As the call was winding down, I heard Michelle ask the woman what her goals for this year were, and then I heard her say, “not your income goals, how about your personal goals, are you getting what you want from your business in your life or is it taking you away from things that are important to you?” 

That’s when it hit me, and I wished I could have jumped onto Zoom and chatted with the caller because clearly, she was in need of some of my wisdom.

Here’s the deal: when you find something that makes you happy, do more of it. Of course, eating ice cream isn’t likely a good idea, but it’s not bad either. What I mean by this is you don’t have to be the one doing everything at home or in your business.

If you like being the widget-maker in your business, do more of that. If you want marketing, then do more of that. If you enjoy reading books, then do more of that. If you like spending time with your family and friends, then do more of that too. If you like spending time in nature, please do more of that.

While I’m an inside cat, I love sitting in the window observing nature from my nice clean perch where my paws never get dirty – perhaps you may too.

Zen Advice: Figure out what you enjoy doing in your business and do more of it by finding people to help you do what you don’t. These don’t have to be full-time folks; you can find services to help, people for projects, etc. And with some help both in your business and even at home, you can spend more time eating ice cream with your friends and family – or napping, like me.

Remember, life is short. While cats have nine lives, you humans only have one. So make the most of it and spend more time doing the things that make you happy.



Office Manager Extraordinaire