Does your marketing make people feel good?

Many of today’s modern advertising campaigns use tactics that make the viewer of the advertisement feel bad about something they hadn’t thought about until they viewed that advertisement.  Once the potential consumer (viewer) is shown what is wrong with him or her or their surroundings, the solution is offered in the form of a product or service.  The business delivers the promise of happiness if the viewer purchases the product or service. Yet, true happiness does not come from a product or service; therefore, the individual is generally left feeling let down soon after the purchase.

This form of advertising has been successful as it has an easy and repeatable built-in method of attracting file5951243771157consumers.  Since true happiness does not come from a product or service, those unaware of this continue to fall into the traps set by other advertisers and make purchases seeking to solve their personal problems by seeking happiness from the outside in.

More and more people I meet are saying “no” to TV and newspapers or eliminating commercials by recording their favorite shows and fast-forwarding through the commercials.  While this may limit the exposure to unwanted advertising, it’s also encouraging businesses to get creative with their advertising dollars.  Advertising is now found in public bathrooms, tray tables in airplanes, paper liners at doctor’s offices, product placements in movies or television shows, public transportation, highway signs (aside from billboards), and even our children’s schools to name a few.  There have been studies that show we’re seeing now up to 70% more advertising than we did 30 years ago.

Many in the metaphysical and spiritual community see advertising and marketing lumped into this category and thus don’t use these methods to increase awareness of their business.  Sadly many of them don’t succeed as they fail to achieve the needed minimum amount of income to sustain them personally, let alone grow their business to the level they truly wish for.  Believing from their past personal experience that advertising is negative.

I’ve found that advertising and marketing don’t have to be done in the “traditional” way to be successful.  Using the principles of like attracts like, we discover that our message will find the individuals ready to hear it. However, I don’t believe that simply “putting it out” there is enough, nor do most of us have the resources to do this, especially new businesses.

We have to be strategic and enlist the aid of our clients to help us spread the word about our business.  For example, advertising in a magazine geared toward health and wellness is likely better for a health coach to advertise than in a fashion or art magazine.  Sure, in the latter two, individuals may need a health coach. However, their chances of seeing it are reduced mainly because it’s not what they want in that particular magazine.

Raving fans are also an excellent source of advertising and marketing for businesses.  We’re far more likely to be influenced to make a buying decision by someone we know and trust.  It’s important that we instruct and encourage our happy clients to help spread the word and not solely rely on them to do it on their own.  Some may not think we need or want more customers, and others aren’t thinking of us much longer after they have left our store or office.

The right message, delivered via the right media and to the right market, will create favorable results for the business seeking to increase its client base and can be done so while maintaining the business owner’s integrity, beliefs, and individualism.