Metaphysics in our Marketplace

In my personal business and my work as a coach, I’ve found that applying many of the lessons I’ve learned in my metaphysical studies has helped to both increases the financial success of the business as well as the personal satisfaction of all involved.

Like many, when I began my business, I sought advice and inspiration from other people who appeared to be successful (outwardly, that is). I did this through the material I read, the workshops I attended, and the individuals I spent time with in networking and personal coaching. While many of the prescribed ideas appeared to be valid, I didn’t find many of them comfortable or in alignment with my beliefs. Ideas like cold calling, chasing people, or pretending to be someone I wasn’t didn’t suit me. I found others that had the same complaints and thus struggled in business because of the limited information available that feels like the right approach.

In studying most metaphysical material, we learn that our thoughts create things. We are powerful and have access to an unlimited supply of creative energy to help us manifest anything we wish for. Our work is to affirm and meditate on those desires, to focus clearly on our intent, believing as if the manifestations are actually here, and then look for the right path to take via signs when moving in the direction of what we’re desiring.

From my own life experience, I had a job that didn’t allow me freedom or flexibility; then, I created a business that didn’t allow it either. At the time, I believed that my worth or value came from the number of hours I put in, and I didn’t know how to create a system that would successfully run a business. Like many, I felt that I wasn’t worthy of much more than a few dollars more per hour than I was earning at my last job, and if I wanted to increase my income, I’d need to increase the number of hours I worked. With only twenty-four hours in a day, it doesn’t take long for frustration and burnout to set in.

After working on myself and affirming that “I have a business that provides a great service, employment for many, flexibility for myself, and financial abundance for all,” things began to shift. I was no longer focusing on what I didn’tfile891246797273 want and what I currently had. I was affirming what I truly wanted from a place of believing it was absolutely possible. In addition to manifesting these things, I also found I was a much happier person as I was listening to my intuition in making business decisions and not relying solely on so-called “business experts.”

Using this example, I have helped other small businesses and individuals shift their thinking about business and manifest the type of business they truly desire. By breaking free from the barriers they’ve created and tapping into their inner wisdom, they find their passion, believe in their dreams, and take action based on their intuition.

One client I mentored had struggled to find time for activities other than business. It had been many years, almost the entire time she’d been in business since she’d had a day off. At the time we met she didn’t like what she did, yet saw no end in sight with the financial obligations she had. A coach she was working with had told her to work hard, save up and then take time off. She wasn’t happy with this and it was showing.

After several meetings, we discovered together that she was working from a place of limiting beliefs. While a part of her thought something better was possible, her actions came from years of self-programming that she couldn’t take time off from her business because her clients were relying on her. She’d even said at several of our meetings that “no one else can do it the way I do”. She desired to travel, spend time with her children and grandchildren, and improve her health, yet she wasn’t allowing that to happen. Together we created a personal affirmation for her. She began to meditate, schedule time off, and even buy airline tickets far in advance for a trip to a foreign country, making the commitment and affirming her belief that she was able to have both a business and a happy life.

Many business courses and books are designed to help one improve in an area they aren’t successful in. Much like traditional advertising described above, the experts who have designed these courses and written these books wish us to believe that if we aren’t good at something like accounting, sales, cold calling, etc., then take this, do this, read that and we’ll be “fixed.”

While many of us are interested in learning new skills, too often, we end up focusing on improving skills that take away from the real passion we have for helping others or being of service to a higher good through our products and/or services. Realizing something like, say, cold calling isn’t our strength, and not really wanting to do it, but yet feeling that it it’s the way to build a business, we enlist in a course. Then, our time is spent focusing on something we don’t like to do and improving a skill we don’t enjoy. Better use of our time would be focusing on what we like and what we want more of and then attracting that into our lives, instead of wasting time on activities we’re not interested in.

In today’s world, these actions may not be measured in a quantifiable way that the business world defines as successful. But our metaphysical studies show endless examples of the benefits of focusing on what you do want rather than what you don’t. It’s our individual beliefs rather than society’s that will determine what takes place in our lives and our small businesses.

A business that taps into the principles of metaphysics is one where the mind, body, and spirit are all valued by the individuals who make up the company and its customers.
When we apply metaphysical principles to our businesses, we create a happier life for ourselves and positively contribute to the world. I, for one, am thrilled when a person follows their passion, is successful, and helps others along the way. Wouldn’t the world be a much happier place if we all believed we were worthy, beautiful, and talented and spent our time sharing our gifts rather than hiding them?