Dreams Do Come True

When you asked that little girl in the photo what she wanted to be when she grew up, she always said the following:

A writer, a teacher, and have a shop (that was how I described having a business)

People would often pat me on the head and say “just pick one” or “just how do you plan to do that little lady?” I never had a solid answer, after all I was a kid, but I do recall saying often, “I’ll figure it out I guess” with just the right amount of sass only a little redhead could get away with.

Now, in my late 40’s and I am proud to say that I’m living my childhood dream. Yep, I guess I figured it out – with a little Glitter, Duct Tape and Magic. Which is poetically the title of my 2nd book being released on my 50th birthday March 25. Squeel!

More details to come soon on the book release. For now, please save the date – this is going to be one heck of a Facebook party – including a few prizes and surprises.

And to all the little girls and little boys out there, with big dreams – mark my words, YOU TOO can figure it out, all it takes is a little Glitter, Duct Tape and Magic.