My New Year Resolution Is Lunch

Funny how a phone call can inspire us to do better for ourselves.

I had a pre-appointment call with a new to me Naturopath Doctor today. While booking the appt, she said: “I’m free between these hours, except for noon to 1pm, that’s when I take lunch to fuel my body and recharge.”

In addition to being a fellow Ginger, she also walks the self-care walk in her practice. I’m so excited to see her next month. I’m in love already.

For me working from home often means a quick bite in the kitchen or sometimes at my desk then back to work. Even if I do sit in the kitchen I take my phone and keep working. Then again when I was a paralegal I ate at my desk most days too. Probably why I’m so tired in the afternoon and feeling depleted as my coach lovingly suggested.

I’ve often told myself “well, you do have other perks since you work from home”. But the more I look at it, the more of an excuse to push through with work, most of which could wait for a little, rather than take a real break.

Why not have the perks AND lunch?? Why one or the other not both?

In 2020, I commit to putting lunch on my calendar just like any other appointment. I’m leaving my desk (and phone) and maybe even leaving the house occasionally.
I’m trusting all will be fine for that time and I’ll be better for stepping away.

How about you? What’s your lunch routine? Rush through it or recharge? What would you like to it to be?

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