As a Fairy Godmother, aka metaphysical business coach one of the things I’m often ask is “how do I know what my soul’s calling is”? This is an excellent question with a really simple answer, are you happy?

Mind body and soulIs what you’re doing making you happy?

Do you feel contentment in life and a sense of fulfillment?

Do you awaken happy and filled with energy?

Really and truly following our soul’s calling or living our life purpose is something that makes us feel good, that we wake up excited to do whatever it is to follow that calling and to live our purpose. It energize us and that even when challenges or road blocks appear we still keep moving forward knowing that this is what we’re supposed to be doing.

Honestly I think that finding your soul’s calling is easier than we most of us make it out to be. I for one have experienced frustration trying to figure it out in the past. Often worrying if what I am doing is Signpost“right” for me or if it’s what I’ve come into this world to do. Worrying about what others will think, if it will actually be successful. If this is a distraction or is this really a calling. Questioning myself with silly things like what if I do it wrong or no one wants what my soul is calling me to do.

All the times that happened I was thinking and trying to create from ego rather than a connection to the Divine, God or Higher Source, how ever you wish to define this amazing power. Each time I tried to “figure it out” it was my head, not my heart taking the lead. Every time I was questioning what I should do I was disconnected and each step I took felt like I was wearing lead boots and walking in quick sand.

So how did I know that teaching, coaching and writing on this subject was something I was called to do? The real answer is, I just did, it’s one of those hard to explain but easy to feel things. My heart said yes, even when sometimes my head said WTF?!? I know without a shadow of doubt that helping people discover and follow their soul’s calling is something I am here to do.

It’s one of those things that I would do for free, if I didn’t have bills to pay and financial obligations that required old fashioned money. It’s something I could talk for hours and hours about, and write and teach without running out of material or feeling overwhelmed. When I’m doing this work my soul is saying YES, this feels awesome and I’m in what some call the zone. When you’re in that zone things have a magical way of falling into place, people and resources simply show up and inspiration comes almost effortlessly, if you’re writing the words just seem to pour out of you. The zone is a magical and amazing place I love to spend time in.

My motivation to do this work doesn’t come from reading books, while books are helpful in answering questions, or other outside influences, my motivation comes tuning into the Divine, which is lasting and consistent. It’s that connection to the Divine that sparked this in me and that provides a sort of success frequency, much like the frequency on a radio, so when I’m tuned in I’m able to feel the energy and have a knowing that this is right for me.

It’s through that closeness to the frequency of the Divine within that we can become one with the ultimate powerful success of the Universe. We begin to see things bigger because we’re tapped into the energy of the Universe, that same energy that created everything around us. Talk about powerful!

When we’re honoring our soul’s calling and following our life’s purpose we feel good about ourselves and the work we’re doing. We aren’t distracted, at least for very long, by the naysayers or mean trolls who try to derail us. We fully understand and appreciate that nothing in this Universe happens because of a coincidence, everything happens for a purpose. We’re not pumped up by ego instead we’re fueled by the energy of the Divine and our self-confidence comes from being in alignment with the Divine.

Still not sure what your soul is calling you to do?

Fear not, maybe until now you were like I was in the past, too dang busy trying to figure it out in my head rather than allowing myself to be guided. Perhaps it’s was stubborn redheaded thing with me, who knows or really cares, it’s behind me now.

Here’s a simply  and powerful visualization exercise which will help you connect with the Divine and get in touch with the frequency that will give you the answers you are seeking.

Sit quietly and take a few breathes, tune into the rhythm of your breath and visualize an image of your body. Starting at your head see your body being filled with the light or energy of the Divine. See it pour Body Filled with lightthrough your head, into your torso, down your arms and then down your legs. See it circulating all throughout your body. Stay with the image of your body being filled with light for a few minutes. Know that each time you do this you are tuning into the Divine, to fill you with the light and help you discover the answers you’re seeking such as what is your soul’s purpose.

Afterward pay attention to your intuition and signs around you. Perhaps you’ll feel nudge to call someone or visit a website that you’ve never visited, do it! Or you’ll find yourself doing something that you hadn’t thought of before and it’s magically coming together in ways you couldn’t have ever dreamed up before. Or maybe you have a different experience, that’s okay too.

You may find that you have to do this visualization exercise several times, I did and each time I did it I felt better. Rather than looking for a solution or an answer to what my soul was calling me to do, I simply knew that all the times I tried to figure things out it didn’t work so well so I’d let the Universe lead me instead and I waited patiently and faithfully for answers.

Those answers didn’t come as some big voice saying “Michelle, your soul is calling you……” it came as nudges, and signs. The answers also came in a way of feeling, when I would do something I would notice how it felt, if it felt good I knew I was on the right path. People started showing up, my writing became easier and easier and best of all, I woke up excited about the things I had on my list to do today.

This visualization exercise is also helpful in finding solutions to challenges that come up on your journey. I like to do this one often sometimes a few times in a day, it not only does it inspire me and give me confidence, knowing the Universe has my back, it also helps me find answers I need to keep moving forward.

I use to feel like a hamster on the wheel, running and running and running yet making no progress in finding my soul’s calling. Sure I had some monetary success and most of the time felt okay with how things were, but I wasn’t genuinely happy and I sure didn’t have a sense of fulfillment in my work. I spent time reading all the books I thought would help unlock something in me, watching webinars that I thought would give me answers when all the time the answers I was seeking outside were here inside of me all along.

Here’s the deal my beautiful friend – Following your soul’s purpose feels good, if you choose a business as a way to express it you magically attract people rather than having to chase them. You begin to see things that have been there all along, with amazing clarity and freshness. You wake up happy, you wake up energized and people around you notice. You give off an air of confidence, not from ego which repels people, but from the energy of the Divine which makes people want to follow you. While it may not mean that today you quit your job, it means that when you can, do everything you possible to do the work your soul is calling you to do.

Is it all effortlessly and easy all the time? Will all the mean trolls and technology challenges disappear? Nope, that my friends would bore you. You’re following your soul’s calling so enjoy the journey, it’s part of your life purpose. And know that even when difficult things come up that they will be much easier to deal with after all you’ve got the entire Universe ready to help you.

In the end remember, no one knows what your soul is called to do, only you do. If you’d like some help discovering it or creating a plan to pursue it, please let me know after all, it’s my soul’s calling and what I LOVE to do!